CIT Meeting Minutes
November 2nd, 2022
Meeting start 11 am EST

Roll Call, Present:

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Jenny Gough
  3. Stephen Fitzmaurice
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Eric Driskill
  6. Ben Davis
  7. Leslie C Greer
  8. Royce Carpenter

President’s Report

  1. Task force on Language Fluency update ask for it to be translated (all position papers).
  2. Videos – consideration for the new board.
  3. Bylaw changes to be posted to the website need to be approved & translated.
  4. Final RFP for board viewing and approval.
  5. Email access sheet with all usernames and passwords.
    • Contact email with many files
    • Contact email account for YouTube – required for uploading to the website
    • Clean up content email messages often for junk, etc.
    • Move membership messages to the member file
    • Playlist for videos – move most current to the top
    • Access website
      • Citadmin-un
    • Go to email, create, pic one and edit, add video link (use purple background with black font)
  6. Be careful about outside person doing finances as they do not understand CIT as an organization.
  7. Will search for the person interested – didn’t have time to search email before the meeting.
  8. Conference workshops and theme – solicit recommendations from membership of things that want to see.

Vice President’s Report

  1. Updated Bylaws with the ratified parts need to be posted online

Secretary’s Report

  1. Approval of November’s minutes (Ben motioned and Jenny 2nd).
  2. Becca will continue to scan and add old documents into secretary G-Drive.
  3. T-shirts left.
  4. Have a list of social media log in and passwords.
  5. Jane needs to change admin for contact email.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Budget passed by majority (thank you Ben, Becca and Stephen for voting).
  2. $ 175,582 (WF) + $23,679 (PayPal)= $199, 262.
  3. Recommending not close PayPal until everything is completes.

Professional Development

  1. Conference report from Cindi and Nichole.
  2. TF for teacher certification recommendations


  1. End of conference report – will email out to board.


(send to Leslie for approval before sending to the entire board)

Meeting adjournment Becca. Meeting Adjourned by Eric at 3:04 pm EST