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My name is Rebekah Knodel and I am a second year student in the Master of Arts in Interpretation program at Gallaudet University. I am currently working on my research project entitled, “Coping Mechanisms for Mental Health Interpreters.” This research is survey-based, with the data being collected from interpreters themselves.
I am looking for interpreters who have had any experience working in mental health settings (you can specify which specific settings within the survey). The goal is to determine what coping mechanisms ASL interpreters personally find effective for dealing with emotionally stressful situations and vicarious trauma.
The survey can be completed at: and should take less than an hour of your time.
The survey will close sometime in March of 2016, but the sooner I can begin collecting responses, the better! There will also be an opportunity at the end to submit your email address (not attached to your survey responses) if you would be potentially interested in a follow-up interview for which you would be compensated.
Thank you for your consideration and your contribution to the interpreting field!