In order to offer more value for CIT members, the board has moved forward with creating two members-only discussion forums.
One is for Sharing Resources and the other is for Current Issues in Interpreter Education.
Click here to access the forums.
To enter each forum, you will need to log-in.

Q: Does this mean I need to check the website to see discussion?
A: No.  You can subscribe to each topic, so that if reply comes to a topic you are following, you will receive an email notification.
Reply window for bulletin board. At top is buttons for formatting reply. At the bottom is check box for receiving notification if there is a reply to the message.
Q: Do I need to be a member to access these forums?
A: Yes.  These are a benefit of membership.
Q: How do I log-in? 
A: The log-in window will be in the right pane of the window on a computer or below the forum on a mobile device.
Q: What if I forget my log-in information?
A: In the log-in window, there is a “Lost Password” link.  If you have further issues, contact the CIT webmaster, though re-setting your password on your own will be quicker.
Q: Can I start my own topics? 
A: Within each forum, you can start a new discussion thread.