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The Graduate Hotel Provides Presenter Flexibility

Conference committee members Eileen Forestal, Richard Laurion and Doug Bowen-Bailey visited The Graduate hotel in Minneapolis on November 1, 2019.  They were impressed both by the flexibility of the rooms that we have reserved.  There is lots of space for creative presentations and poster sessions.  Please consider putting in a proposal to be a part of the program.
You can check out this video to see for yourself:

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0:00-0:05 The CIT Conference logo spirals into view.
0:05-0:07 A video of the Graduate hotel logo on the entryway to the hotel.
0:07 -0:28 Eileen Forestal, in a grey puffy coat, stands with Richard Laurion in a yellow coat in the driveway outside of the Graduate hotel and have the following conversation.
<< Eileen: Welcome to the site of our 2020 CIT conference.
<< Richard:  Here in beautiful Minneapolis, MN.  We’re excited to welcome you to this beautiful city.
<<Eileen: Let’s go take a look at what this beautiful hotel has to offer.
0:29-0:33 Upclose photo of “Graduate Minneapolis” placard on front of podium
0:34-0:39 Picture of mobile in lobby with paper fish and wire basket that serves as a chandelier hanging over a group of students sitting at a long wooden table working on computers.
0:40-0:56Eileen rides to the top of an escalator and begins to describe rooms around her.
<<Eileen: We have reserved the entire second floor of the hotel for the conference.  We have great space for registration.
0:56:-0:59 Camera pans to show room with glass walls and carpeted area in front of it where registration will be located.
1:00-1:05 <<Eileen: On the other side of this floor is the ballroom.
1:06-1:09 Photo of Richard and Eileen standing in the ballroom with round tables covered in white linen. Two conference staff and an interpreter are also in the picture.
1:10-1:31 Doug Bowen-Bailey, wearing a black sweater, stands in the ballroom and explains the following:
<<Doug: The hotel has two ballrooms, but I am standing in the main one. So, as we think about how to transform interpreter education, the space offers flexibility for different kinds of presentations – whether we want to use round tables, theatre seating, or even have people standing.
1:32-2:01  Eileen stands in a large carpeted room with white pillars running down the middle.
<<Eileen: This space provides great room for both social time and for poster sessions – all with good visibility.  Down the hallway to my right are other breakout rooms for more sessions.  It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that this space offers.
2:02-2:04  The conference logo returns with the words “Join Us” above it.    [/av_toggle]

Submit a Proposal

The Call for Presentations is now available for the 2020 Conference which will be held from August 12-15, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN.
The deadline for proposals is now November 15, 2019.
Please check out the call here.

Highlighting Poster Sessions

We have wonderful space for poster sessions and we are hoping that we can highlight this option this year.  In addition to the onsite posters, we will include the poster information in the conference proceedings.  Poster session presenters will not need to do any extra work to include their posters in the proceedings other than share the digital file used to create the poster with the P.E.P. team and review what the editors and publishers come up with in converting the information into a web-based proceeding.
If you are new to publishing or presenting at CIT, this is a great opportunity be part of the conversation and add to your resume.