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Announcing CIT & CCIE’s Partnership

by Kim Kurz
CIT Vice-President

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A white woman with auburn hair wears a purple button down shirt with the CIT logo embroidered on it. She stands in front of a brown background and narrates the entire text in ASL.
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English Version

CIT has a long history with CCIE, and CCIE was founded through an identified need from CIT and its members.  Our organizations have enjoyed a long, respectful relationship and collaboration.
CIT strongly supports the CCIE accreditation system and the ways in which the accreditation provides value to our profession.  Similar to other professions with accreditation, the CCIE standards have been developed and evolved to reflect the changes in our teaching practices and within our faculty
A program holding CCIE accreditation is one that is viewed to achieved the standards, but perhaps more importantly, it is one of the most helpful aspects for students when considering accredited vs. not yet accredited programs.   Students choose programs carefully these days, and make choices that ensure them the most current curriculum and the most qualified faculty.
University administrators tell CIT and CCIE that holding CCIE AND ASLTA accreditation has been seen as a major achievement that distinguishes their university from others, and this can translate into increased support and resources for ASL-English interpreting programs.
In summary, accreditation matters to our profession and to our CIT members.  It is a goal worth pursuing in ensuring students have access to the finest interpreting programs, that can provide them with the knowledge, skills and attitudinal features necessary for serving the Deaf community.