CIT Online Board Meeting Minutes February 25, 2015

3:09 pm meeting was called to order by President L. Greer

  1. Approval of CIT Board meeting minutes
  2. Discussion of themes for CIT newsletters – each quarterly newsletter will have a different theme.
  3. Discussion of CIT Facebook and linking in videos about Texas School for the Deaf and Elise Stecker’s vlog in FB
  4. Discussion of the upcoming WASLI and WFD conferences. CIT will investigate having a booth and representation
  5. Discussion about CIT’s sponsorship and presence at the National Deaf Interpreter Conference and for StreetLeverage.
  6. Discussion of what needs to take place at our face to face meeting in Arizona – videos, photos, and banking.
  7. Discussion of action items from the previous meeting

Meeting adjourned at 4:27 pm by President L. Greer