Recruiting Participants for a Study of the Lived Experiences of Interpreters who Self-Identify as Disabled

Dear Interpreter: Hello! My name is Lindsey Williams and I’m an interpreter in Lansing, MI. I’m also a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity program at St. Catherine University. I’m conducting my master’s thesis on the lived experiences of ASL/English interpreters who self-identify as disabled. My experiences as an interpreter with a disability have inspired this […]

Understanding the Mental Health of Interpreters

Dear Professional Interpreter: As a doctorate student in the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University, I am conducting research as part of the requirements for a doctorate degree. The purpose of my research is to better understand the current state and influential factors of the mental health of professional ASL/English interpreters, and I am […]

National Educational Interpreter Supervision and Support Survey

The National Educational Interpreter Supervision and Support Survey Dear Educational Interpreters, I invite you to participate in a research study entitled The National Educational Interpreter Supervision and Support Survey. My name is Whitney Weirick and I am currently enrolled in the Special Education- Deaf and Hard of Hearing doctoral program at the University of Arizona, […]

Exploring the lived experiences of Deaf interpreters

Hello Deaf Interpreter: My name is Sarah Himmelmann and I am a graduate student at St. Catherine University in the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity program. In my last year of the program, I am conducting research: Exploring the lived experiences of Deaf interpreters and how it impacts ethical decisions as […]

Research on Perceptions of Codas in Leadership Positions

Hello! I’m Rosalinda Voss, a hearing person of Deaf parents, Deaf grandparents, and have five other Deaf family members. I have worked as an ASL/English interpreter since 2004 and have managed interpreters for nearly five years. I am conducting this research as a partial fulfillment for a Master’s degree in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity […]

Survey on Health Literacy for Interpreting Students

My name is Alexis Zarret and I am a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in the Health Care Interpretation program. If you are an American Sign Language interpreting student in your last year before graduation and over the age of 20, I am inviting you to participate in my Master’s research study […]

Research Study on Academic Perceptions and Educational Capital

Seeking Participants for a Research Study from Kierstin Muroski ASL-English Interpreting Students enrolled in four-year BA/BS interpreting programs are invited to participate in the research study “Academic Perceptions and Educational Capital of ASL-English Interpreting Students.” This research requires students to complete a brief online survey that should take 15-20 minutes of your time.  The survey closes on April […]

Research on Resilience in Deaf Youth

Project Title: Transitioning and Thriving: Pathways of Resilience in Deaf Youth Principal Investigator: Heather G. Zimmerman  Address: Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave NE, #1520, Washington, DC 20002 Email:  Department: Education Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Helen Thumann Good Day,  I’m a Ph.D. student In the Dept. of Education at Gallaudet and I’m working on my dissertation. […]

Focus Group on Interpreter Education Program Curricula

Last call! Are you a Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing interpreter educator and/or IEP graduate? Do you want to participate in a study that explores interpreter education program curricula at the AA, BA and MA levels? Dr. Melanie Metzger, Dr. Keith Cagle and Dr. Danielle Hunt from Gallaudet University will be conducting focus groups […]

Survey for ASL Program Administrators

English Version Hello, my name is Larry Gray and I am a doctoral candidate at Argosy University Online. My dissertation is titled, “American Sign Language Program Administrators on the Status of American Sign Language Programs in Higher Education”. For this demographics survey, I am seeking research participants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and […]