News from NTFDBI

News from the National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting Presenters List The National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting (NTFDBI), a collaboration among the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, the American Association of the Deaf-Blind and the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers, with representation from other organizations and stakeholder groups, is a task force […]

Seeking Your Input

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys: Your Opinioin and Perspective Matters Let’s face it, CIT members have great opinions and perspectives. So, it’s no surprise that people want to know what you’re thinking. Gathered here are three surveys looking for input from our membership. Please take some time to share your opinion. Technology | Entrance & Exit Screening […]

News from the NCIEC

UPCOMING EDUCATIONAL EVENTS The following provides a sampling of upcoming events offered by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers. Teaching Modules for the Classroom April and May 2013 Webinars Please join the National Interpreter Education Center (NIEC) for April and May webinars introducing newly developed infusion modules for the interpreting education classroom. Targeted primarily […]

Advice for Digital Immigrants

Advice for Digital Immigrants by Doug Bowen-Bailey Bringing Languages into Balance When I began work on the CIT Newsletter, my hope in the transition to an online format was that we would begin to have more of a balance between signed and spoken languages. In this edition, it feels like this is starting to […]


Scholarship Available for PhD in Scotland Dear friends and colleagues: Please see information below about PhD student scholarships being advertised at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland – where I am now based. Two of the scholarships are specifically to work with me on a project on language brokering experiences in the Deaf community. Ideally I […]

President’s Report

President’s Report by Leslie Greer   English Version Aloha CIT members. I realize I should be wearing solid colors, but I’m in my vacation clothes for Spring Break. I’m here taking in the beauty of Hawaii. Anyway, here’s my report. A few weeks ago, I attended the VRSII Symposium on critical thinking. Sharon Neuman […]

Communication and Technology Report

Communication & Technology Update by Lynne Wiesman, Director of Communication & Technology Now that I have completed my first term, I have a better sense of my role and the needs related to communication and technology. I’m excited to announce a number of initiatives all springing from survey results and membership direction. I’m happy […]

Membership Report

CIT MEMBERSHIP NEWS by Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Director of Membership Hello CIT members! Spring is on the way, flowers are peaking up and things may be warming up in the near future. Earlier in March, Jimmy Beldon and myself did some membership outreach at the Sorenson VRSII Interpreter Educator Symposium. We brought membership forms and […]

Professional Development Report

Professional Development Report by Carole Lazorisak, Director of Professional Development English Translation I am here in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Behind me, you can see the Doubletree Hotel which is the site of our next CIT conference. I have been here meeting with hotel staff in preparation for the conference. I have […]

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report by Richard Laurion   It is a great honor to serve as your Treasurer. I appreciate the trust you have given me and I take my office responsibility seriously. Attached are the quarterly financial statements for your review. During the CIT non-conference year our Association cash-flow always take a dip. We typically […]