Parallel Conversations

The Critical Link 7 conference started me thinking in numerous directions and really helped me show how little I know of or am aware of.  Included in my ignorance was the organization Interpret America and the conversation it is fostering about the state and future of interpreting.  It is a conversation that looks at similarities […]

A Reflection on Reflective Practice

The work by Robyn Dean and Bob Pollard on the Demand Control Schema has represented a foundation for the profession of ASL-English interpreting to shift its orientation in the past decade.  Instead of taking a deontological approach, looking at the rightness or wrongness of specific actions, Dean and Pollard have helped us to look in […]

Instituting reflective practice

with Robyn Dean, Danny Maffia, Kathleen Holcombe Focus on development of decision-making for educational and professional development of community interpreters Using the word “practice” – intentionally meaning to show that we systematically practice over and over again to get better at something Repeated performance develops proficiency and a skill set Need to have reflective component […]

What’s Next for the Blog

It is Friday morning and I am sitting back in Duluth.  (I will soon be on the road to the celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.) I just wanted to post a note that I will be sharing a few more postings.  One more will be more of a reporting of the portion […]

George Brown College proposes 1st BA program in Canada

On Tuesday night, George Brown College staff from its ASL-English interpreter program hosted a reception to present its proposal for the first bachelor’s level program in Canada.  Attendees were asked to share their feedback on the proposal – based on our experiences with interpreter education in other settings. Phyllis Beaton-Vazquez, who heads the program, welcomed […]

Thursday AM Panel: Hot-Button Topics in Interpreting

Mr. Jonathan Levy, Director of Language Services, CyraCom International Addressing issues of Defense & Intelligence; Technology; Employment and Wages Attempting to break these issues to digestible elements The Need Organizations and individuals both need services that are: accurate timely affordable in every language Demand for interpretation services is growing and language diversity continually gets more […]

On Residential Schools

English Version One of the many topics that got me thinking came in the contradictions in the experiences in residential schools.  In the Deaf community, the residential school experience at a Deaf School is often a very positive one – a place where culture and language is developed and preserved.  However, at this morning’s panel, […]

Invite to Critical Link 8

Jemina Napier, of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, issues an invitation to CIT members to plan to attend the Critical Link 8 conference in 2016.  During the first day of the conference here in Toronto, they announced that this location so consider attending this wonderful opportunity to come together with interpreters, educators and researchers discussing […]

Wed PM Panel: Language Rights and Access to Justice

The afternoon panel focused on language rights and access to justice and addressed the importance of being a part of system changes Mr. Raj Anand, Former Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Language access as a human rights issue Canada Health Act Protect, promote and restore health services Canadian health care services still […]