English Transcript:

Hello, I am Leslie Greer. I am a candidate for the position of CIT President, a position I would like to continue. There are several reasons I’d like to share. Firstly, the revisions of CIT’s Bylaws are not yet complete and I would like to see CIT’s Bylaws become standardized. Secondly, RID and NAD are in the process of developing the MOU with us. I would like to shift my focus to working with minority organizations such as Mano A Mano, ASLTA, NAOBI, AADB and others, as they are essential! While things are underway with RID and NAD, I would like to focus on these groups as they are key to teaching future interpreting students to meet their diverse cultural needs, as well as develop sensitivity to these minority groups through alliance. Thirdly, CIT is not only for Interpreting teachers. While it is open to instructors, I would also like to recruit more interpreting teachers, mentors, Hearing or Deaf, workshop presenters, and any others who care about the quality and skill of interpreting students. My reason for this is that interpreting curricula need revisions to meet our standards. Next, strategic planning, long-term and short-term; I would like to reduce long-term planning and instead capitalize on short-term for more efficient execution. Long-term planning tends to be drawn out, which I do not like. I prefer to complete the strategic planning effectively, as our members are important. The Board does not manage the members; rather the members reserve the right to manage the Board’s procedures, resulting in a more improved symbiotic relationship. We have established several alliances in our country so far. I would like to extend these partnerships to various countries across the globe; in turn, they will recognize the significance of CIT as an organization. Further, future interpreting students can travel internationally with ease. Collaboration of curricula is the key to this. My goal is to support each individual member of CIT through collaborate and discuss developments, either through email or VP. This will result in the successful betterment for all through unity. All members of CIT are valuable, not just a select few! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all as president of CIT, delivering news in both sign and English; these are great for use by interpreting students in their classes to practice their voicing skills with varying registers. I encourage you to use them! If you as an individual member would like to share something for CIT News, you are more than welcome to do so! My goal is to have members send in signed videos with English translations for the expansion of CIT News! I have several more new ideas. Would you like to know more? Vote for me, please! Mahalo!