by Jimmy Beldon
Vice-President of CIT
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It’s the time to start thinking about CIT Nominations. The two vacancies this year are Vice-President and Treasurer. With our new by-laws, we now alternate which positions are up for election. So, you will have the opportunity to vote for CIT’s next Vice-President and Treasurer.
If you are interested in the positions, please contact me at
We also need a nominations committee, so if you would be interested in serving on that, please let me know. We are looking to have a committee of three members.
If you are interested to run for one of the officer positions, please contact me as well.  I can put your name on the ballot.  Additionally, please share an explanation of why you would like to serve on the board as Vice-President or Treasurer.  You can share it as an ASL video or in written English.
If you have any questions at all about these positions, please contact me.