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Jessica Bentley-Sassaman headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

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English Translation

Hello CIT members, the CIT board would like people who are interested in joining CIT committees. We have different committees that I will tell you about.
First is the Research and Publication Committee. This committee will work with the director of Research and Publications helping the director by telling the director what they want to see and what the future of research and publications should look like, proposing ideas.
Next is the Communications Committee. This committee will work with the Director of Communications and helping the director better communicate with CIT members – what needs to be communicated and what things are not pertinent. To give ideas to the director.
Third is the PRO – Public Relations and Outreach committee. This committee will inform the director on how we can partner with other organizations, and how we can better recruit members to CIT.
The final committee is the financial committee which is based on a motion made at the CIT Business Meeting this past year at the Salt Lake City conference. A committee will now be formed based on that motion.
If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact me at president@cit-asl.org
Thank you.

Motion 8 (C:18:08)

Be it moved, CIT create an ad hoc committee on financial planning. The Committee will work with the Treasurer and Board to investigate possible future revenue streams that will support the Association’s interest and support future activities that complement the funds currently realized via membership dues and/or fees. The Committee will provide a report to the membership at the 2020 CIT Conference in Minneapolis.
Rationale: While CIT is a not-for-profit, the designation is a tax status designation and should not be the goal of the association. We believe it is fiscally responsible to create a balanced biennial budget that responds to the financial needs of the association.  If finances are not keeping pace with CIT’sdesire:

We believe we have the talent and knowledge among our members to create a committee who may be able to help the association reach its annual financial goals.
Made by :Richard Laurion  Seconded by: Bridget Sabatke
Motion carried (C:18:08)
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A white woman with long brown hair wearing a black shirt with the CIT logo embroidered on it stands in front of a white wall and signs the following message.