Colorful outline of downtown Minneapolis with the words 20/20 vision above the buildings. Overarching like a rainbow is the conference theme Pursuing Equity and Social Justice in Interpreter educationThe Conference of Interpreter Trainers is searching for highly motivated researchers, writers, and leaders in the field of interpreter education, mentoring, and research to be editors and co-editors for the upcoming 2020 CIT Conference Proceedings. As a journal editor, you would play a vital role in the academic publishing process for the 2020 CIT Conference.
CIT is looking for two experienced editors and two emerging editors who will work collaboratively on the editing team. Our goal is to promote the pool of experienced and emerging editors in the field of interpreting education. Editors should have expertise in the field of interpreter education and experience writing and publishing academic papers. Co-editors should have some expertise in the field of interpreter education, knowledge of the editing process, and a willingness to learn.
All potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed by editors/co-editors in order to determine any possible bias.
Editors/Co-editors will receive support and guidance from the Director of Research and Publications and the 2020 ConferenceProgram Chair.
(contingent on board approval) For the editing work, CIT will waive the 2020 Conference registration fee.
Duties of Editors/Co-Editors are the following:

  1. Follow the established Proceedings timeline established by the CIT board. (Submission dates must be followed.)
  2. Utilize Google Docs for all Proceedings submissions, suggested edits, and final proceedings.
  3. Keep all draft Proceedings submitted to the editors/co-editors strictly confidential.
  4. Abide by current English/ASL submission style guidelines when providing editing feedback.
  5. Provide updates to the 2020 Conference Program Chair as needed.
  6. Respond in a timely manner to questions and concerns from authors regarding their submissions.
  7. Utilize the support and guidance provided by the 2020 Conference Program Chair and the Director of Research & Publications.
  8. Share the Google Docs Proceedings Folder with key personnel such as but not limited to conference planners, CIT webmaster, CIT Program Chair, Director of Research and Publications, and interpreter coordinators.
  9. Do not distribute Conference Proceedings as they are copyrighted by CIT.
  10. Participate in a final review with the Director of Research and Publications after the conference is completed.

Individuals or teams interested in serving as Editor or Co-Editor should send letters of interest (in either ASL or English) via email directly to the Director of Research and Publications at
Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.