Works directly with the Program Chair and the Director of Research and Publications.

Duties (some with assistance of committee):

  1. Establish a firm deadline for proceedings submission and editorial process.
  2. Determine the Proceedings format (E-book, PDF with links to streaming video, etc.)
  3. Determine distribution methods (CD, Flash-drive, website, etc.)
  4. Review current English-submission style guidelines and revise as needed.
  5. Create ASL submission guidelines and protocol.
  6. Keep in contact with the Program chair and make sure that s/he lets the invited presenters, especially keynote and plenary presenters, know when the submissions are due.
  7. Field questions from presenters regarding their submissions.
  8. As submissions arrive, review them for completeness and accordance with the style guidelines.
  9. Begin editing and compiling submissions into the appropriate format (document, etc.). Expect this to take at least a week (40 hours) due to the nature of combining ASL and English submissions, and the inherent editorial process.
  10. Proof the proceedings; professional copy-editing services may be used.
  11. Give the Proceedings to the Director of Research and Publications and the CIT Webmaster.
  12. If proceedings will be physically distributed, put the files on the appropriate devices for distribution.
  13. If proceedings will be physically distributed at the conference, find out to whom the proceedings should be addressed and send them to the hotel 7-10 days before the conference.
  14. Send file(s) of the proceedings to the interpreter coordinator who can then share with conference interpreters only.  Proceedings are copyrighted by CIT and should not be distributed.
  15. Submit a final report at the end of the conference.

In addition to the duties listed above, frequent communication with the Director of Research and Publications is expected.
Interested individuals or teams should send letters of interest (ASL or English) via email directly to Kimberly Hale,