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by Kim Kurz
CIT Vice-President

Updating the CIT ByLaws

If you attended the 2016 CIT Business meeting, you will recall three motions related to the Bylaws that were voted on and approved by the membership. These motions are presented below and are titled “2016 Business Meeting Motions”. Once the board started meeting under these new positions, we realized that there was a lot of overlap with who was doing what and we came to the realization after the 2017 Director of Technology stepped down, that we no longer needed that position as it was covered by other positions on the board. In August 2017 we had a face to face board meeting and worked on our Policy and Procedures Manual. We made two new motions related to the Bylaws and the board structuring. Those new motions are under “2017 Board Meeting Motions”.
In addition, the CIT board hired social justice consultants to look over our bylaws and make revisions. The CIT Bylaws committee reviewed the revised bylaws and provided us with their input.
We have now incorporated the 2016 and 2017 Board Meeting Motions into the Bylaws as well as edits based on the feedback we received from the social justice consultants and reviewed by the Bylaws committee. We are asking you to read through the revised Bylaws carefully and submit any comments you may have to the Vice President Kim Kurz at vp@cit-asl.org by March 15, 2020.
Thank you.

2016 Business Meeting Motions

Motion 3

Remove the position Director of Membership

Motion 4

Change the name of the Director of Communications and Technology to the Director of Technology

Motion 5

Create the position Director of Communication and Member Relations

2017 Board Meeting Motions

Motion 1

I move that we remove the position of Director of Communciation and Member Relations.

Motion 2

 I move that we remove the position of Director of Technology.

Motion 3

I move that we create the position of Director of Communications.

Motion 4

I move we add in the bylaws the role of the past president in an ex officio capacity for the year following the end of the term.