Conference of Interpreter Trainers
On-line Board Meeting
October 14, 2014

Present: Leslie Greer, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Carole Lazorisak, Wink Smith, Kimberly Hale, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Samond Bishara
Excused: Jimmy Beldon
Meeting started at 4:15 pm PST.
September 2014 minutes were approved.

President Report – Leslie Greer

  1. Discussion of arrival times to Portland. Everyone needs to send their arrival times to Leslie.
  2. Discussion of activities on Monday and Tuesday prior to the conference.
  3. When issues arise at the conference, we should try to direct them to the correct person , i.e. membership issues – see Jessica, etc.

Secretary Report- Cindy Volk

  1. Cindy has sent the Mary Stotler nominations to the committee and they will make a decision by October 15.
  2. Discussion regarding number of exhibitor tables.
  3. Email motion: The board approved authorizing the CIT treasurer to purchase up to $1000 worth of CIT promotional items that we might use for fundraising and to give as gifts. Motion carried. (B2014:23)
  4. Email motion: The board approved the MOU between CIT and RID. Motion carried: (B2014:24)

Treasurer Report- Richard Laurion

  1. We are staying within our conference budget.

Director of Communication and Technology Report – Wink Smith

  1. We have 36 people registered so far for on-line voting. We will put out information about this on a CIT newsbrief again.
  2. Discussion about a T-shirt fundraising idea. The board approved having Wink contact the individuals who have the T-shirts to negotiate this. Motion carried. (B2014:25)
  3. Wink discussed the plan for having the Chestnut lane Senior Citizens storytelling time.

Director of Membership- Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

  1. We currently have 345 registered for the conference.

Director of Public Relations and Outreach- Samond Bishara

  1. The 35th anniversary pins are done and in Portland.
  2. Samond is working on the video presentation from former CIT presidents.

Director of Research and Publications – Kimberly Hale

  1. Proceedings have been sent to the editor.

Director of Professional Development – Carole Lazorisak

  1. Carole has been working on many details for the conference regarding rooms, food, hotel, etc

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 pm PST.