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CIT Board Meeting

On-line meeting

   June 22 , 2014

Present:   Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Kimberly Hale. Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Excused: Leslie Greer, Carole Lazorisak, Wink Smith
Unexcused: Samond Bishara
Meeting started at 3:08 pm PST, by Vice-President, Jimmy Beldon.
Vice-President Report – Jimmy Beldon

  1. The by-laws committee will be meeting in a couple of weeks.

Secretary Report – Cindy Volk

  1. Minutes need to be read by everyone. They will be approved via email. April and May minutes will be resent to the board.

Treasurer Report – Richard Laurion

  1. The first deposit for the conference has been made to the hotel. We will pay a total of a $50,000 deposit- $10,000 each month for the next five months.
  2. Pedometers for the conference will cost approximately $600.
  3. The board discussed having the hoodies for the conference having Conference of Interpreter Trainers spelled out instead of only CIT.
  4. Discussion of the number of hours each week that board members volunteer for CIT. This is for the tax form.
  5. Discussion about Street Leverage articles related to the conference. Discussion about having the articles focus on enticing new people to be interested in CIT.
  6. Discussion about reviewing the point system for choosing presenters for the conference. Did having extra points awarded for using ASL have an impact?
  7. Discussion of the time change for the next meeting. The meeting time is late for those on the east coast. Discussion about having the time for the July 13 meeting be 3:30 PST.

Director of Membership Report – Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

  1. Everyone needs to look at the script that Jessica sent out regarding motions from the floor (if time permits) for the business meeting.
  2. The motion form has been revised and sent to Libby Pollard. She approved it. It will be on line so members can send it directly to the secretary of CIT.
  3. Jessica will send some possible revisions of the standing rules to us based on input from Libby Pollard, our Parliamentarian.
  4. We need to then develop a video for the website regarding the standing rules and include that institutional members do not have voting privileges.
  5. Discussion about quorum during the business meeting. One-third of the full voting members who register for the conference and are present at the conference (not via video-streaming) must be present at the business meeting.

Director of Research and Publications Report – Kimberly Hale

  1. The proceedings editors will be submitting a report to Kimberly soon.
  2. The new IJIE editors have been selected. They are now working on the transition from the previous IJIE editor. The CIT Treasurer and President will work out the payment for the editors.
  3. Discussion about the potential of ASL submissions for the journal and/or having all English articles signed in ASL by a CDI. This discussion was tabled until our face-to-face meeting.

Director of Professional Development – Carole Lazorisak

  1. In Carole’s absence, Jimmy asked that everyone email Carole if you have comments regarding the email she sent out with her items for discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 pm PST. The next meeting will be July 13, at 3:30 PST.