CIT Board Meeting 

On-line meeting

   July 13 , 2014
Present:   Leslie Greer, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk,   Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Excused:   Carole Lazorisak, Wink Smith, Samond Bishara, Kimberly Hale
Meeting started at 3:30 pm PST, by Vice-President, Jimmy Beldon.

Vice-President Report – Jimmy Beldon

  1. Discussion about providing International Sign Language interpreters at the conference due to the large number of international participants who have registered. Jimmy will contact interpreters he knows who have experience in that area. Discussion about advertising that we will provide International Sign Language interpreters at the conference. Discussion about giving participants a full refund if this does not provide the accommodation they need.

Secretary Report – Cindy Volk

  1. Minutes from April, May, and June 2014 were approved.

President Report – Leslie Greer

  1. All board members need to complete their action items by September 30.

Treasurer Report – Richard Laurion

  1. There are 180 individuals registered for the conference so far.
  2. Richard is working on the budget.
  3. Hoodies and pedometers for the conference have been ordered.

Director of Membership Report – Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

  1. Motions for the business meeting will be submitted directly to the secretary. Jessica has drafted an explanation about this and she will be signing it in ASL for the website. Jimmy’s interview with Libby Pollard will also be posted to the website again.
  2. Discussion about Standing Rules for the business meeting. These are usually published in the program book and then approving them is the first order of business at the business meeting.
  3. Discussion about possibly making the deadline for business meeting motions as early as October 1.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PST.