CIT Board Meeting

On-line meeting

April 20 , 2014

Present: Leslie Greer, Richard Laurion, Cindy Volk, Carole Lazorisak, Wink Smith, Samond Bishara, Kimberly Hale.
Excused: Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Meeting started at 3:08 pm PST.
February and March 2014 minutes were approved.
President Report – Leslie Greer

  1. Holly Nelson has been appointed as the Program Book Chairperson for the conference.
  2. Discussion about group registration for the conference. Groups would like to take advantage of the early bird rate, but their institutions are not able to pay until the beginning of their fiscal year, July 1 or October 1. Each person should complete a registration form and submit it and state that the payment is forthcoming.
  3. It was decided that the charge for community individuals who wish to attend the Saturday night banquet at the conference will be $50.
  4. Each board member needs to send Leslie a videoclip by May 2 with a short statement saying something like “Hi members. Please attend the conference.”

Secretary Report- Cindy Volk

  1. Email motions that occurred between the March and April meetings are as follows:
  2. The board approved that CIT create a policy where the association honor passing members with a floral arrangement, or if indicated in lieu of flowers a financial donation of not greater than $100 on behalf of CIT. Also the CIT secretary and Director of Membership will note the member’s name and include it in a presentation of memorial to members during the biannual business meeting. (B2014:11)
  3. The board approved that a 75% discounted rate on the conference registration be given for members of the audiovisual committee. This rate will extend to no more than four individuals, not including the committee chair whose registration is waived. (B2014:12)
  4. The board approved paying for the program chair’s hotel accommodation for four nights. (B2014:13)
  5. The board approved switching the key note and end note speakers for the conference due to a special request. It was also approved to provide SSP support and accommodations for the 2014 keynote speaker, Dr. Kathy Jankowski. She will need SSP support for her travels and accommodations which are airfare for the SSP, and two nights of accommodation. (B2014:14)
  6. The board approved a conference cancellation policy as follows:

Cancellation policy: All cancellations must be in writing. Registrations may not be transferred.
Cancellation Postmarked Refund Amount:
By 6/15/14-75%, by 9/1/14-50%, by 10/8/14-25%, after 10/8/14-0%.
Unrefunded amounts can be used toward CIT membership or streaming access to the conference. (B2014:15)

  1. Discussion about the next meeting dates. They will be:

May 18 – 5:00 PST (Cindy and Wink will not be able to attend)
June 22 – 5:00 PST
July 13 – 5:00 PST
August 17 – 5:00 PST
September- TBA
Treasurer Report – Richard Laurion

  1. CIT has approximately $183,000 in our accounts.
  2. We have over 100 individuals registered for the conference so far.
  3. Richard will finish the negotiations with the Lexington hotel for the 2016 conference this week.
  4. NCIEC is willing to submit some articles for Street Leverage.

Director of Communications and Technology – Wink Smith

  1. Discussion of how to count how many members actually read the newsletter on line.
  2. Wink has been working on ways to do mobile voting at the business meeting.
  3. The board approved the purchase of a two month subscription to The subscription is $65 per month. One month will be to set up the voting, and one month will be during the business meeting in October. (B2014:16)
  4. Discussion regarding several of Wink’s action items that have been completed.
  5. The board approved that members can look and download the proceedings on line for a one month time frame for $30. (B2014:17)
  6. The board approved that CIT purchase additional memory space on the website if needed for up to a cost of $1,000 per year. (B2014:18)

Director of Professional Development- Carole Lazorisak

  1. Everyone needs to send Carole updates on their actions related to the conference.
  2. The program will be completed very soon. We will have a “Meet the Board” time during the lunch on Thursday.
  3. Libby Pollard, our parliamentarian, will have a shareshop workshop on parliamentary procedure.
  4. We have two scheduled Tech talks, one with Wink and Doug and another with Kimberly, Jessica, Doug and Wink .
  5. Discussion about having slots at the 2016 conference for “rookie” presenters.
  6. Discussion about having CEUs offered for the Tech Talks. The goal of Tech Talks is “How to do…..”
  7. ASLTA, CCIE, and some other organizations will have forums.

Director of Public Relations- Samond Bishara

  1. Discussion of 35th anniversary pins for the conference.
  2. Discussion of the types of banners and flags that can be used for a CIT booth at other conferences.
  3. Discussion about people submitting workshop announcements for the CIT website and whether there should be payment for this.

Director of Research and Publications – Kimberly Hale

  1. Discussion about the proceedings. The proceedings will include all abstracts.
  2. Dani Hunt and Sarah Hafer will be co-proceedings editors. CIT will cover their registration fees.
  3. All board members should contact anyone who you think might be interested in the IJIE editor position.
  4. The board approved up to $350 for CIT to purchase Adobe Professional for the Director of Research and Publications (if Annette Miner doesn’t already have it). (B2014:19)

The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 pm PST.