Joseph Hill, a black man with short hair and a mustache wearing glasses, stands in front of a bunch of chairsAs our field prepares interpreters to work with the diverse communities they interact with, it is critical that we identify and collect resources to help expand our understanding and perspectives. Dr. Joseph Hill, an assistant professor in the Department of ASL and Interpreting Education at NTID/RIT, has developed an extremely useful collection of resources on Black ASL and Black deaf people.
With a variety of video and print resources, as well as an extensive bibliography, this website is a great place for CIT members to educate themselves as well as to draw on for educating the students and novice interpreters we work with.

Infusing Social Justice in the Curriculum

If you are looking for more ways to bring diverse perspectives and concerns about social justice into the classroom, check out the Social Justice in Interpreting infusion module that Dr. Hill and Dr. David Coyne created for the National Interpreter Education Center.  This module contains not only video and written resources, but also suggested activities for how to engage students on these topics.