AVLIC - Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
The Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) has issued a Request for Proposal for revisions of the rating system for the Canadian Evaluation System’s Test of Interpretation.  According to the RFP,

The purpose of this RFP is to engage a contractor to review, revise, document and implement an improved Test of Interpretation (TOI) rating process and rater training. The goal of the TOI is to certify competent generalist interpreters. As such, consideration should be given towards making sure the rating process and rater training meet the needs of today’s consumers, individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard of hearing and hearing.

Download the RFP for more information.
All proposals in response to this RFP are due no later than June 30, 2016.
For more information on the Canadian Evaluation System, visit AVLIC’s web site.