AVLIC | Interpreters and Human Rights

Call for Presenters

The conference of the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) is a biennial conference that promotes the profession of signed language interpreting in Canada and internationally.

We invite presentations on our AVLIC 2014 conference theme of “Interpreters and Human Rights” or that relate to any of the areas of signed language interpreting, but especially in the community, employment, religion, education, health and legal systems described below:


General description

“(Social) Justice in Interpreting” What role does social justice play in the interpreting community along with other communities they participate in? Topics may address on bridging other communities along with issues and conflicts that interpreters and participants experience.
“Equality in Interpreting” Often interpreters face issues like imbalance of language use and social power in interpreted environments, how do they ensure equality during interpretation? Or alternatively what factors contribute to inequality during interpretation?
Solidarity in Interpreting” How can the interpreting community promote and foster solidarity among themselves and others who are involved with the interpreting community? Topics may cover mentorship, support system or the lack of it, and training of signed language interpreters.
“Human Dignity in Interpreting” How do interpreters ensure and maintain dignity for all participants, including interpreters themselves, in interpreted environments?

We also welcome submissions on any topics related to interpreting practice or research.
The official conference languages are ASL and English. Presentations may be in English, ASL, or LSQ, with interpretation provided (ASL/LSQ interpretation upon request only). Presentations in other languages, either spoken or signed, will also be considered, but if so, presenters must provide their own interpreters.
Proposals will be considered for .5 hour, 1.0 hour, and 1.5 hour time slots. Proposals to present may be submitted in either English or ASL. Presentation abstract (maximum 500 words, plus references if in English, sent as a .doc or .docx file attachment to an e-mail; maximum 2 minutes if in ASL, attached as a QuickTime file).
Proposals must be sent electronically by e-mail to presentations@avlic2014.com. Proposals must include, in the body of the e-mail:

  Specify by choosing one of the following options provided below
Name(s) of presenter(s):
Affiliation of each presenter: University or college; or city and country where the presenter works
Contact details for presenter to whom correspondence will be directed: Email address is preferred
Length of presentation preferred: 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5 hours (and this includes time for questions)
Title of presentation:
Language the presentation will be in: ASL, LSQ, English, Other (please specify)
Level of interpreting experience/skill for which the presentation is oriented: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Any

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
Important dates:
Presentation proposal deadline: 15 January 2014
Notification of acceptance: 28 February 2014
Materials submitted for interpretation (e.g., slides, outline): 8 June 2014
Questions may be directed to:
Erin Wilkinson and Barb Shaffer: presentations@avlic2014.com.