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CIT Meeting Minutes
August 9th, 2022
Meeting start 12:07 pm EST

Roll Call, Present:

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Jenny Gough – absent excused
  3. Stephen Fitzmaurice
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Eric Driskill – absent
  6. Ben Davis

President’s Report

  1. Discussion of conference planning.
  2. COVID concerns and seating.
  3. Discussion of voting methods.
  4. Presenter gift ideas.

Vice President’s Report

  1. Bylaws revisions survey sent for Board review and feedback
  2. Awards update.
  3. CIT President and Secretary open positions at conference.

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report


Wells Fargo $ 193,784.91
PayPal $ 15,563.03
Donations Received: $ 10,250.00

  1. Discussion of sponsors/vendor tables
  2. Discussion of projectors for conference. Set up tables for all sponsors. 250 and up.

Professional Development

Communications – No report

Meeting adjournment Minor/Fitzmaurice. Meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at
12:51 pm EST