CIT Board Online Meeting
April 27, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm Eastern
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kim Kurz, Carole Lazorisak, Sarah Wheeler, Becca Minor, Jimmy Beldon, and Janis Cole
Absent: Patty Lessard
Minutes: March 9, 2017
President Greer:

  1. Street Leverage:
    1. Work with us in October 2018
    2. Summit with Street Leverage and other organizations and

Businesses (Prior the conference)

  1. Conference Committee
    1. $30,000.00 to CIT 2018 Conference Chair, Carolyn Ball
      1. will report to CIT Treasurer, CIT Prof. Dev. And President
      2. registration fee, Carolyn will take care of this [same way with Doug and Paula in past]
    2. Guest speakers
      1. Need inspiring speakers – names of people were brought up to the board for discussion. This discussion will resume on May 11.
    3. ASLTA Conference
      1. Rental car
      2. Hilton Hotel

Vice-President Kurz:

  1. CCIE/CIT Updates – Met with Barbara Shaffer & Debra Russell – CCIE Representatives and Leslie Greer, CIT
    1. CCIE will have an open form at CIT’s conferences
  2. Working on IRB for DIC to collect information related to Deaf Interpreters
  3. Preparation for Mary Stotler’s award – need timeline and guideline

Secretary Bentley-Sassaman:

  1. Action of Items

Treasurer Lessard:

  1. Been compiling which groups we sponsor (2017)

Deaf Translation Summit
Street Leverage

  1. Our insurance will be due in May.  Carole — will SLC require a specific dollar amount of coverage?  I would have to ask for an addendum — which could happen upon renewal or closer to the conference date.
  2. Wells Fargo:

Checking: $62,725.61
Savings:   $89,498.79
PayPal:    $68,797.26
Total:      $221,021.66
Communications Minor:

  1. reaching out to ITPs from my master list and social media buzz idea and then reach out to ITPs to get them involved
  2. Could have ITP tip series to share, something short that can be shared – blurb on Facebook, then have to go to CIT’s website to see the materials.

Professional Development Lazorisak:

  1. SLC – ASLTA Conference logistics
    1. Banner order
  2. DIC 2

Presentation(s) and a forum
CIT logo and publicity

  1. CIT 2018 conference updates

Report from Carolyn and Doug
Conference budget
Public Relations & Outreach Cole:

  1. Make short PowerPoint slides for DIC 2 – CIT Forum
  2. Outreach to all ITP (137)
  3. Translation costs for CIT bylaws were discussed

Publications & Research Wheeler:
No report will start working on the motions after the semester ends.
Technology Beldon:

  1. Google drive vs Drop box
  2. Webinar – grants in odd year?
  3. Website redesign – having a members only area for the tips and webinar trainings
  4. Database- cheat sheet- face to face training – Doug will provide one-on-one training for the board.
  5. Orientation packet for new board members will discuss more at our next meeting
  6. Need a video of intro. – Janis, Sarah, and Jimmy
  7. Admin master sheet- username and password- president and tech

Comment due to workload of the college professors, it is requested that moving forward there are no CIT meetings in April and November and off in July for a summer break.
Meeting adjourned a 9:09 pm Eastern
Next Meeting Schedule: May 11th at 4 PM PST and 7 PM EST