The CIT Board is seeking interested members to apply for the following director positions.

To apply, please fill out the form below.  Information about each position is below the form.
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Board Positions

Select what you would be interested in.
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Describe why you are interested in a position and what qualifies you to serve in that capacity.  You can explain it in written English via this form, or post a link to a video if done in ASL.  (If you want to provide a rationale in a different language, please contact President Leslie Greer.
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Position Descriptions

Below is information from the By-Laws about the responsibility of each position.
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Section 3.7 The Director of Communications & Technology shall:
Section 3.7.1 Promote the use of distance learning technology;
Section 3.7.2 Establish a mechanism to ensure effective communication with members;
Section 3.7.3 Publish a list of interpreting programs on the website;
Section 3.7.4 Publish a directory of consultants as a searchable database on the website;
Section 3.7.5 Initiate joint website endeavors between CIT and other Organizations;
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Section 3.8 The Director of Membership shall:
Section 3.8.1 Establish an ad hoc committee to work with the Membership Coordinator to develop a
membership services program and membership recruitment program;
Section 3.8.2 Increase membership by providing member-only benefits;
Section 3.8.3 Increase the number of institutional members by defining the benefits of that category of
Section 3.8.4 Develop a members-only site on the web.
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Section 3.9 The Director of Public Relations & Outreach shall:
Section 3.9.1 Promote the involvement of qualified faculty and mentors from diverse backgrounds in
interpreter education, especially Deaf/deaf faculty;
Section 3.9.2 Establish entry and exit standards for interpreting program students;
Section 3.9.3 Promote the establishment of graduate level teacher education programs;
Section 3.9.4 Develop a strong relationship between CIT, RID, and other stakeholders;
Section 3.9.5 Develop a strong partnership with ASLTA.
Section 3.9.6 Develop working relationships with other foreign language teachers and organizations;
Section 3.9.7 Develop public relations contacts and materials;
Section 3.9.8 Establish a teacher/mentor recognition program;
Section 3.9.9 Increase diversity among CIT members and interpreter educators;
Section 3.9.10 Develop avenues for communication and exchange with other organizations and their members and CIT and its members;
Section 3.9.11 Carry out an exchange of information between the Boards and members of those organizations and the CIT Board and members.
[av_tab title=’Professional Development’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue8ad’ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-4xb5mj’]
Section 3.10 The Director of Professional Development shall:
Section 3.10.1 Promote the involvement of qualified faculty and mentors from diverse backgrounds in interpreter education, especially Deaf/deaf faculty through workshops;
Section 3.10.2 Provide portfolio information for CIT members;
Section 3.10.3 Host Biennial conferences;
Section 3.10.4 Provide professional development opportunities for interpreter educators;
Section 3.10.5 Sponsor teacher institute on effective teaching;
Section 3.10.6 Provide a resource link on the website describing portfolio assessment and offering suggestions on how to informally begin accruing documentation of teaching experience and professional development activities.
Section 3.10.7 Work toward sponsoring sister organization conferences;
Section 3.10.8 Plan and administer any conference with the approval of the Board of Directors;
Section 3.10.9 Six months prior to any conference, report to the Board of Directors on all preliminary arrangements made for the conference;
Section 3.10.10 Solicit bids for the next site and make recommendations to the membership for approval;
Section 3.10.11 Oversee the Mary Stotler Award Committee, which shall advertise and select the recipient in cooperation with RID Awards Committee of the award;
Section 3.10.12 Assist with conference program planning;
Section 3.10.13 Conduct periodic membership surveys to determine professional development needs;
Section 3.10.14 Arrange pre-conference courses.
[av_tab title=’Research & Publications ‘ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue84f’ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-2n3mez’]
Section 3.11 The Director of Research & Publications shall:
Section 3.11.1 Publish a list of colleges and universities that have completed the Self Study Review process;
Section 3.11.2 Promote the involvement of qualified faculty and mentors from diverse backgrounds in interpreter education, especially Deaf/deaf faculty; Deaf faculty and mentors in interpreter education;
Section 3.11.3 Publish a Journal of Teaching Interpretation;
Section 3.11.4 Provide funding and information to those individuals researching the interpreting and teaching process;
Section 3.11.5 Establish a publishing arm of CIT and a peer review committee;
Section 3.11.6 Recruit submissions from members to contribute to the CIT News;
Section 3.11.7 Include information on teaching and teaching interpreting in the CIT News;
Section 3.11.8 Provide a CIT newsletter, website, and Conference Proceedings;
Section 3.11.9 Increase professional publications on effective Teaching;
Section 3.11.10 Provide a published historical overview of CIT;
Section 3.11.11 Expand the task analysis of teaching interpreting in The 1984 CIT Conference Proceedings;
Section 3.11.12 Create a joint CIT-ASLTA Journal of Teaching;
Section 3.11.13 Exchange newsletters and articles with ASLTA.