Changes in the Board

Hello CIT members! I hope you had an enjoyable summer and are in the swing of things for the school year!  I have a few updates for you.
The first update is about the board. Patty Lessard who has been the CIT treasurer will be resigning due to health reasons. We thank Patty for her years of service.
Based on the bylaws the board nominated and voted on Stephen Fitzmaurice, our newly elected secretary to the role of treasurer. Steve has experience as a treasurer and has been a good fit during the transition.
As Steve is taking over as treasurer, the secretary position needed to be filled. Again, in accordance with our Bylaws, the board nominated and voted on Becca Minor our Director of Communications. Becca is now transitioning into this role.
Finally, the board has contacted several people to take over the position of Director of Communications which is a board appointed position. We hope to decide soon.

Announcing Director of Communications

Updated October 8, 2019
A black woman with long black braids pulled back behind her head and flowing over her shoulders smiles at the cameraThe CIT Board is pleased to announce that our new Director of Communications is Nicole Morgan.  She graduated from Gallaudet University in May 2018, with a Master of Arts in ASL Linguistics. Her desire is to merge her expertise in linguistics with what she knows (and continues to learn) about the field of interpreting to foster better relationships between the Deaf and Interpreting communities. She currently is serving as treasurer for the Potomac Chapter of RID and she looks forward to supporting CIT’s efforts to transform interpreter education.