English Version

Translated by: Jeremy Rogers and Leslie Greer

Hello, and Happy New Year, 2015! My, how time has flown! I would like to share a few notes with you.
First, I would like to introduce our new officers. If you recall, this past October I was voted in for my position; thank you for your votes and for your trust in me.
Our Vice President will remain the same, Jimmy Beldon; thank you for voting for him.
Next, our Secretary is Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; thank you.
We were without a Treasurer, however an individual who was interested in the position approached me and, after conferring with the Board, we approved Patricia Lessard (who goes by the name Patti); Patti is from San Francisco in Northern California.
As for the Directors’ positions, “Wink” Smith will continue as the Director of Communication and Technology. Next, as the Director of Membership, we are welcoming back Kellie Stewart, a very knowledgeable figure; we are thrilled to have her back! As for the Director of Professional Development, Carole Lazorisak will maintain her position. Next, the Director of Public Relations and Outreach is a new addition, Jeremy Rogers. Lastly, Kimberly Hale will keep her position as the Director of Research and Publications. We are so excited to bring together new and old…old? Perhaps wise? Or former? At any rate, we are thrilled to be working together!
Over the next two years, our primary focus will be strategic planning, as well as revising and improving the By-Laws and related guidelines. In regards to our recent conference in October, I would like to start with thanking you all for joining us! It was such a pleasure attending the Halloween event at the residential school for the Deaf and celebrating the spirit of CIT on our 35th anniversary; again, thank you! If you have any photos you may have taken during your time at the Portland conference, please email them to me so they can be added to CIT’s website.
Moving forward, I would like you to be involved in CIT News; you may create a signed piece along with an English translation to be shared through CIT. Rather than having the Board continue sending out the usual news, we need our members to do so. The Board will meet to discuss themes, topical research, or “hot” topics and send them out to our members. Those interested in addressing the prompts may do so by signing a response; if English is preferred, you may have a Deaf individual sign your response; that would be fine with me! You might also enlist an interpreting student and allow them to practice, which would also be fine with me! We want your input and for you to enjoy the news! Thank you!