Advice for Digital Immigrants

by Doug Bowen-Bailey

Bringing Languages into Balance

When I began work on the CIT Newsletter, my hope in the transition to an online format was that we would begin to have more of a balance between signed and spoken languages. In this edition, it feels like this is starting to come to fruition. My gratitude goes out to the board who has done more to promote having reports in ASL. Special thanks to the Technology Committee and Lynne Wiesman and Windell “Wink” Smith. Wink created ASL versions of the Tech Committee Survey.

Bringing Workshops to You

CIT is looking to provide a forum to share experiences at workshops and conference.At the CIT Conference in October 2012, Stephanie Jo Kent and I both shared some perspectives on our experience at the conference. You can see the results at:

We think this has potential to be a contribution to the field – sharing learning from the variety of educational experiences our members attend. If you would like to share reflections on any event you attend, please contact the CIT webmaster.

From personal experience, I found that blogging at a conference really heightened my engagement with the material and helped me reach insights that I don’t think I would have if I were in my more traditional participant role. So, not only can it be benefical to your colleagues, it might also be beneficial to your own learning.

Critical LInk InternationalCritical Link Conference

I will share more information in the next newsletter, but I am grateful to the CIT board for a partial sponsorship to support my attendance at the Critical Link conference in Toronoto in June. In my presentation, I will include some information about CIT. Additionally, I will be posting on the CIT blog about my experience – sharing some of what I learn at this conference that brings together interpreters and interpreter educators in a variety of languages who work in community settings. For more information on Critical Link International, check out their website.

Diverse Video Samples

On a different note, here is a great resource if you are ooking for some ASL samples from a variety of backgounds.RIT/ NTID has something to offer you with its YouTube channel. Thanks to those involved in this project who have made it available.

NTID Database