CIT Online Meeting
September 18, 2018
Time: 4:30 PM PST, 5:30 PM MST, 6:30 PM CST & 7:30 PM EST
President Greer called the meeting to order at 4:32 pacific

  1. Roll Call; Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Patty Lessard; Janis Cole; Sarah Wheeler; Kim Brown-Kurz
    1. Excused absent: Carole Lazorisak
    2. Absent: none
    3. Guest: none


  1. Minutes approval
    1. Minutes
      1. August – approved.


  1. President Greer
    1. Jessica and Leslie sent out the letters to organizations for the presidents of other organizations to come to the CIT conference.


  1. Vice President Kurz
    1. Mary Stotler award, there is a winner that will be announced at the banquet this year. Laurie Swabey was the 2014 recipient. She will be there to present the award. Cindy Volk purchased the award for to be handed out. Also they win $1,000 – $500 from RID and $500 from CIT.
    2. The four awards- the committee decided the winners– leadership, mentorship, teaching, scholarship. There will be one from each category. Leslie will announce the award winners during the conference.
    3. Bylaws committee has finally been formed – Richard Laurion, David Qunitos-Prozos and Annette Miner. Kim and Jessica will work with the committee on the bylaws review.


  1. Secretary Bentley-Sassaman
    1. Action Items
    2. Discussed the letters that were sent and will finish sending letters to the organizations for membership to receive the discounted early bird rate for the CIT conference.


  1. Treasurer Lessard
    1. Wells Fargo

Checking:  $34,752.43
Savings: $80,837.84
Total:  $301,897.25

  1. Now we have 148 rooms at the conference and we need 160 rooms to meet the 80% minimum (80% of 200 rooms).
  2. Discussion of extending the regular rate until October 17 then the late rate.
  3. Maybe contact people who came 2 and 4 years ago but are not yet registered


  1. Communication Minor
    1. The jackets were ordered and shipped.


  1. Professional Development Lazorisak
    1. Not present to give a report


  1. Publications & Research Wheeler
    1. Discussion of presenters who can’t afford the conference – discussion of just showing up for the presentation. She cannot attend any other the workshops.
    2. Discussion of the future registration for presenters maybe $100 off for those who are presenting. Or having a fund where adjuncts who do not get institutional support can apply for scholarships for the conference.
    3. Discussion of a student preconference.
    4. IJIE license – if people download the documents it can state how the articles can and can’t be used.
    5. Proceedings, everything seems to be working out with what we talked about. The article can be added to the proceedings later.
    6. Discussion of how we honor our past – legacies board – registrants can write down things that they look back and are grateful for related to their mentors on 3×5 index cards and we can post them up on a wall.


  1. Public Relations & Outreach Cole
    1. We will need 4 awards: leadership, mentorship, teaching, and scholarship. 37th
    2. HP Reveal. Update, thanks to everyone for looking at the questions and answers that Jay sent. There will be announcements that can be set up and sent using the HP Reveal.
    3. Discussion of entertainment at the banquet and going ahead with contacting CJ for the show.
    4. Janis provided discussion of the NDI board retreat – discussion of intent and impact and using the sociocracy approach to discussions.


  1. Next Meetings
    1. September and October (biweekly if necessary) 7:30 eastern 4:30 Pacific
      1. October 2nd
      2. October 16th

Meeting adjourned by President Greer at 9:33 pm eastern.