CIT Online Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2019

7:15pm EST

  1. Roll Call, Present:
    • Jessica Bentley Sassaman
    • Stephen Fitzmaurice
    • Kim Kurz
    • Carole Laszorisak
    • Patty Lessard (in advisory role)
    • Nicole Morgan
    • Francis Phiri
    • Rebecca Minor
      • Excused: Sarah Wheeler
  1. President – Bentley-Sassaman
    Hope budget numbers will increase as last-minute renewals come in.  
  2. RID-CIT update – RID and CIT presidents discussed controversy regarding what to call interpreters who have passed the knowledge exam but not performance yet.Agreed just “sign language interpreter” not “certified interpreter”.  Will release statement.   Also, will plan a summit for major organization presidents in January to discuss ONE issue across interpreting field. Hope to become an ongoing event.
  3. Discussion of language policy and interpreting needs for conference 2020.
  4. Vice President – Kurz
    • Awards committee – discussion of who will chair the committee for the Mary Stotler award and other awards.Due date for nominations is May 1st.
    • Discussion of conference disclaimer/inclusivity statement
    • Will review the bylaws one more time and share with Board for comment
  5. Secretary – Minor
    • No report
  6. Treasurer – Fitzmaurice
    • Budget review:
      WF $ 19,674
      SAV $ 7,374
      PP   $ 55,535
      Total $ 82,583
    • Expect to gain more funding via membership renewals this month.Discussion of fiscal consideration as we are currently functioning on about ½ the amount we usually have.  Canceled face-to-face spring Board meeting and will work on finding other ways to recoup some funding.


  1. Communications – Morgan
    • Introductions
    • No report
  1. Professional Development – Lazoriask
    1. Conference: Discussion of room reservations for the Board.
      • Conference leaders – discussion of finding a team to work with Jeff Lewis.Scheduled to meet with him again on Nov. 18th.
      • Letters developed and need feedback on sponsor letter, call of volunteers and RFP for interpreter coordinator.All documents in google drive for Board feedback.
  1. PEP and Canvas – Canvas with PEP team crashed and information was lost.Now reaching out again to the PEP members to see who is still interested. The current team is working hard.
  2. Webinar was a success:
    1. Deep Dive webinar payments $1250 before taking out PayPal fees
    2. Pay It Forward:  $430 (before PayPal fees)
  3. RID – application for CEUs CIT cannot become CMP at this time as RID has process to become CMP on hold. Catie Center will process CEUs for now.
  4. Public Relations & Outreach – Phiri
    1. Discussion of sponsors list
    2. Discussion of developing criteria for Pay It Forward scholarships and Developing Countries Funds.
    3. Discussion of conference policy of ASL only and how we can reiterate this to members.Also, members of color liked having the private meeting room and breakout session.
  5. Publications & Research – Wheeler (not present)
    1. 2018 Proceedings spotlight
    2. Update on Call for Presentations
    3. Canvas site for publishing and presenting
    4. Housing of IFIE and Proceedings with a higher education institution
  6. Next meetings –
    1. Tentative: Meeting with Jeff Lewis on November 18th 7pm-9pm. All day meeting December 30th, 11am-5pm.  January 15th 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Meeting adjournment moved by Treasurer Fitzmaurice – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 8:53pm Eastern