CIT Online Meeting


December 30, 2019

Start time 11:08 am EST

Roll Call, Present:

President’s report

  1. Leadership summit will be put on hold as NAD is having an Interpreting Summit which seems to cover what we planned to discuss.
  2. ASLTA MOU was sent to ASLTA, it was copy that was drafted under President Greer’s time. ASLTA will provide feedback and comments in January.
  3. New language that we voted on for our website was updated, related to CIT focusing on ASL/English Interpreting.

Vice President’s report

  1. Awards – Laura Swabey will work with Elaine as chair for awards. Asked Carole to add to conference guide lines that the winner of Mary Stotler will be next chair for award committee.
  2. Working on the 4 award criteria.
  3. Bylaws, will be sent to membership for open comment for 30 days, then members will vote (2/3 needed)

Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s report

Professional development – Carole

Public Relations & Outreach – Phiri

Research and Publications – Sarah

Communications – Nicole

Any old business


Any new business – not related to the strategic plan.

Lunch Break 45 Minutes

Breakout groups to work on strategic plan initiatives

Next meetings:

Meeting adjournment moved by Secretary Minor – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 4:03pm Eastern