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CIT Online Meeting


July 27, 2020

Start time 6:05 pm Eastern

Roll Call, Present: 

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Stephen Fitzmaurice 
  3. Kim Kurz 
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Francis Phiri – Excused Absent 
  6. Nicole Morgan – Absent 
  7. Carole Lazorisak
  8. Danielle Hunt 

President’s Report: 

Updates on ASLTA partnership. We will have representative attend each other’s meetings quarterly. 

Update from President Bentley-Sassaman from meeting with the Teacher Certification committee.  A meeting took place with the co-chairs to work out some issues that arose. We are confident that the meetings will go smoothly as there is a board liaison to the committee.    

Discussion of preparing for the business meeting, meeting structure, agenda and standing rules. Business Meeting set for Sept 26th noon – 4pm EST. 

All look at email from Jessica with PowerPoint from past business meetings.  Becca look at Standing Rules for virtual Business meeting.  Becca to create a motion form that people can submit motions.  Then add the motions to the PPT.  Discussion of how to manage who enters the zoom meeting to ensure all voting members.  

Vice President’s Report:

Short discussion of her role at business meeting and the voting process for a new VP.

Discussion of awards: No nominations for awards have been received this year. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Filed 990 with IRS on time

WF $ 82,060.07

SAV $   7,296.61

PPal $ 17,554.05

Tot $106,910.73

Secretary’s Report:

Director’s Reports:    

Professional Development

Discussion of having presenters from 2020 conference to present at ASLTA or host CIT webinars.


No Report 

Public Relations and Outreach –

Discussion of having a diversity officer come to speak to us and help us reevaluate the organization as a whole. Discussion of reciprocal sponsorships with other organizations.  

Discussion of working with community/membership on needs assessment to help inform revising the strategic plan. 

Research and Publications

Discussion of special issues of IJIE. We do not have enough people interested in publishing in a special edition of IJIE.  Discussion of publishing a past proceedings to give authors a chance to update their articles.

Discussion of working with IJIE moving to a university press system.    

Old Business


New Business

Discussion of archiving CIT History/documents.  

Next meetings Aug 23 6pm EST

Sept 25th 5pm EST 

Meeting adjournment moved by Secretary Minor – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 7:50pm Eastern.