Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Business Meeting – Notes


September 26th, 2020

* These are not official minutes as no quorum was met

  1. Call to order 
    1. Meeting called to order at 12 noon by President, Dr. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman.  
    1. Quorum not met, proceed with procedures and reports while waiting for quorum. 
  2. Parliamentary Procedures 
    1. Mark Apodaca explained the parliamentary procedure rules for the business meeting.  
    1. President Bentley-Sassaman explained the procedures for voting.  
  3. Acceptance of 2018 Business Meeting Minutes 
  4. Board Reports 
    1. Each of the Board member and directors gave a report on their activities from the past two years.  

Next Business Meeting:  See you in Philadelphia fall of 2022