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CIT Online Meeting


March 25th, 2020 

Start time 7:21 pm Eastern

Roll Call, Present: 

Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

Stephen Fitzmaurice 

Kim Kurz

Rebecca Minor

Francis Phiri 

Nicole Morgan 

Carole Laszorisak

Discussion of considerations and contingency plan COVID-19

Discussion of possible contingency plans and ideas.  

Decisions will be made at April 2020 meeting when we have more information.    

Postpone next board meeting to give more time to see what happens with COVID-19 then we can make decision. Move meeting to April 29th at 7:15pm 

Discussion of options if conference is canceled. Possible webinar series or  postpone conference until October or November depending on hotel availability.    

Old Business 


 New Business

Vote on January meeting minutes Fitzmaruce/Kurz passed 

New potential Director of Publications has been contacted.  Will be announced soon.  

Meeting adjournment moved by Treasurer Fitzmaurice – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 8:13pm Eastern. 

Next meetings:

  1. April 29th,  7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)
  2. May 6th, 7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)