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CIT proudly announces the design of 2020 CIT Conference Logo.  Brenna DeBartolo, our logo designer portrayed the theme of the conference and also the state of Minnesota.
Colorful outline of downtown Minneapolis with the words 20/20 vision above the buildings. Overarching like a rainbow is the conference theme Pursuing Equity and Social Justice in Interpreter education

About the Designer

Brenna DeBartolo is a multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in California known for her photography, painting, and graphic design.  She has additionally received recognition for her role as the founder of Forest Souls, a socially conscious apparel company.
Brenna has been studying art for over 20 years, and her professional experience includes a diverse array of opportunities and achievements.  While attending Rochester Institute of Technology for graphic design, Brenna had the opportunity to train international students to think like artists as they worked on photo shoots for the non-profit organization, Tiger’s Next Top Model.  During this time, she additionally took on the role of sole graphic designer for an apparel company that displayed and sold clothing across the nation. While showcasing some of her personal photography at Gallery 1 in San Francisco, Ms. DeBartolo was noticed by the Sugar Art & Fashion Show Company from Los Angeles who offered her a job as their primary photographer.  She toured with them across America, photographing some of the most exclusive and world-renowned underground fashion designers, artists, and models.
In 2016, Brenna became a business owner and launched a socially conscious apparel company called Forest Souls. She currently partners with the non-profit conservation organization, American Forests, working to protect and restore forest ecosystems around the world.  New trees are planted globally for every item that Forest Souls customers purchase. Brenna has taken on multiple roles as she runs Forest Souls including graphic designer, photographer, and video editor—she also manages sales, marketing, and customer service. Through her customers’ purchases, over 1,000 trees have been planted.  Brenna’s success with Forest Souls has earned her significant recognition. Her story was featured by Seek The World, an adventure and travel blog. She was additionally published in “The Light of Deaf Women”, a book created by Global Deaf Women. This was the first book ever published to feature the inspirational stories of successful Deaf individuals.
During her free time, Brenna continues to work on many side projects including commissions for tattoo design, graphic design, and original paintings. With many years of experience as an artist, business owner, environmental activist, and entrepreneur, Brenna strives to continue expanding and enhancing her skills and knowledge. She pursues inspiration and personal enrichment through immersing herself in nature, studying languages, creating contents, traveling the world, and finding ways to contribute to her community.
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