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A Message from the CIT President

Hello CIT members,
Many of you want to know what is going on with the conference. The CIT board met on April 29 to discuss the CIT conference. The CIT board decided that the conference must be cancelled. We will not be hosting a virtual conference this summer. Other videos from board members will be forthcoming. We will have videos about the following: refunds, what will happen with the CIT Business meeting, webinars we will be hosting periodically, the CIT Awards, and a few other videos. Please be on the lookout for these videos coming in the near future.
Planning a conference take a tremendous amount of effort. It is hard to cancel it knowing all the work that was put into it. I want to thank several people. If you happen to know any member who was involved in the conference planning, please text or email them to say thanks!
I want to thank Eileen Forestal our conference chair. Thank you for all the efforts you put forth in planning the conference, the countless hours of work you put in for meetings, emails, discussions. Thank you.
I want to thank Doug Bowen-Bailey for all his hard work planning, creativity and use of technology thank you.
Thanks to Richard Laurion for his work in hosting the conference. Thank you for all your work planning the conference.
Our two CIT conference leaders Jeff Lewis and Niesha Washington-Shepard, thank you for your willingness to lead our CIT conference. Thank you.
The CIT conference committee members, there are so many, thank all of you for your time, the discussions, the planning of the conference.
The organizations who sponsored CIT, thank you.
To all the presenters. Thank you
The CIT board, all of the work, discussions, planning, brainstorming, thank you.
Lastly I want to thank Betsy Winston to taking the initiative to set up a Canvas site for CIT members to help with the transition from face to face education to online learning.
We are all disappointed that the conference this summer is cancelled. This decision was not an easy one. Hopefully we will all be back together in 2022 in Philadelphia.
Stay healthy and safe and hopefully we will see you in Philadelphia in 2022.

A Message from Our Treasurer regarding Refunds

I am Steve Fitzmaurice, the CIT Treasurer. We will be providing 100% refunds via the method that you made your payment, whether through PayPal or Check.  Refunds should be processed by May 15.  If you have any questions about this, please contact or  We know it is sad to need to cancel the 2020 CIT conference; however, we felt that it was important to prioritize the health of all our members.

A Message from Our Director of Professional Development

Hi. I am Carole Lazorisak, Director of Professional Development for CIT. It is with much sadness that we announce that the 2020 CIT conference has been canceled due to Coronavirus. I want to express my deep gratitude to conference committee members for being totally involved with our national conference planning. We thank CIT Board for all their support with our efforts. Much credit goes to the committee members for their hard work and support. The PEP committee did an incredible job of creating ways for us to have an awesome conference. Their work and commitment are much appreciated. I want to profoundly thank the presenters for their hard work doing written and signed proposal submissions, and filling out CEU forms. I value your dedication. Now that the conference is cancelled, we will shift to a different plan; that is, providing online workshops/sessions for presenters. We will ask presenters about their interest in participating in online sessions for members within the next two years. Please think about different possibilities for us to provide educational opportunities, and let us know. Once again, it is with deep regret for this cancellation. The Coronavirus epidemic affected us deeply. Please be safe.