Who to Watch for at the CIT Conference

Carole Lazorisak, the Director of Professional Development, provides some background on the four speakers who will address all of the conference attendees.  In her opening introduction, she shares some more background on the conference itself.  Click on the names of the Presenters below to get information about them in both ASL and English.

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christian Rathmann

Christian Rathmann head shot in front of grey stucco wallDr. Christian Rathmann, is Deaf and has been working at the Institute of German Sign Language and Communication at Universität Hamburg, Germany since 2008.  He directs two BA and two MA programs (in sign language linguistics and sign language interpreting) as well as two professional programs for sign language users (Deaf Interpreting and Sign Language Education). Together with Austrian colleagues and the local Deaf Association of Salzburg, he established a professional program for Deaf interpreters, housed at the University of Salzburg three years ago and has been engaged in teaching at this institution.
His three research strands are: (a) Language Acquisition and Learning, (b) (Corpus) Sign Linguistics, and (c) Interpreting in linguistically and culturally diverse contexts.
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Plenary Speaker: Amy Williamson

Amy Williamson in green shirt outside in a winter sceneA bilingual child of Deaf parents. A lover of the American desert southwest. A traveler. Amy Williamson, CI, CT, SC:L, Ed:K-12, has worked as a sign language interpreter since graduating from high school. Amy holds a BA in Sociology & Linguistics from the University of Arizona and a MA in Interpreting Studies from Western Oregon University. She is a current PhD student in the Department of Interpreting at Gallaudet University. Her research focus has been on deaf-parented interpreters who enter the profession as heritage users of a signed language with child brokering experience. She is an interpreter by choice, not by birth.
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Plenary Speaker: Dr. David Quinto-Pozos

Dr. David Quinto-Pozos headshot - blue shirt in front of wood slatsDr. David Qunito-Pozos is a certified interpreter and signed language linguist and has conducted research on adult and child use of American Sign Language (ASL) and adult use of Mexican Sign Language (LSM). His current work includes projects on the interaction of language and gesture, trilingual (Spanish-ASL-English) interpreting, and developmental signed language disorders. David has also written about signed language contact, language teaching, and signed language interpretation. He directs the ASL program at the University of Texas and teaches courses on bilingual first language acquisition and signed language linguistics. David is also President of Mano a Mano, a national organization for Spanish-English-ASL interpreters.
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Endnote Speaker: Brandon Arthur

Brandon Arthur with hands on chinBrandon Arthur is a lover of life and considers himself very fortunate. He is the Founder of Street Leverage and is a passionate social entrepreneur within the field of sign language interpreting. Brandon is a nationally certified interpreter and has worked on both the practicing and business sides of the field for the past 20 years. He earned a B.S. degree in Psychology and a Minor in Business from George Mason University. His father is Deaf and his mother is a sign language interpreter. Brandon is a devoted father and husband and enjoys the sport of triathlon.