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2016 Issue Now Available!
The Journal of Undergraduate Interpreting Studies (JUIS) is a project of the NIEC. The primary goal of the Journal is to show-case and share undergraduate research. A secondary goal is to encourage interpreter education programs to incorporate undergraduate research into their curriculums. This 2016 issue includes three articles from three institutions that explore a variety of salient topics. We invite you to read each article and see for yourself the exciting future of our field!
The 2016 articles are:
How Do Interpretations Alter Perceptions of Speakers and Signers?
Authors: Gillian Gipson and Erica Kramer from Northeastern University
In this pilot study, Gipson and Kramer explore how perceptions of speakers and signers are altered when their message undergoes the process of American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpretation.
Rolling with the Punchlines:Humor Analysis for Sign Language Interpreters
Author: Melanie A. Best from Augustana University
In this paper, Best explores the importance of interpreters learning the differences between the two cultures’ humor and how this knowledge can be beneficial.
The Importance of Specialized Certification in Healthcare Interpreting
Author: Carly Lonergan from Columbia College
In this paper, Lonergan asserts that current interpreting standards in the medical field fall short of the ideal, and require action from professional organizations to provide better service to d/Deaf and hearing consumers.
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