CIT Conference Banner
The 2012 Conference took place at the University Hilton in Charlotte, NC. Here is a promotional video that was created for the conference.

English Translation

Welcome to Charlotte, NC where the 2012 Conference will be held this year at the Hilton.  Welcome everyone!
There are many great places to check out or shop at, like Dicks Sporting Goods and Michaels.
The area is brimming with restaurants to satisfy everyone’s palate.  There are a crazy amount of restaurants for you to try. But you must be careful too much of a “good thing”, ya know!!
Parallel to the “pond” (mini river) is a breath taking boardwalk.
There are several stores nearby such as Old Navy and Talbots which are popular and very well known!   So for all you shopping fanatics you may want to leave your wallets at home!
There is a power center that generates electricity which is centrally located.
This hotel is accessible to all the major thoroughfares.   With all of the shopping and eating so close by, you may find yourself in need of some fast cash. No need to worry about that!  The hotel even has a bank right across the street so everything is right here!
There’s even an Enterprise Rental Car service right here by the hotel. This will come in handy if you want to visit Charlotte’s many attractions.  At only 30 minutes away you can visit Concord Mills, the 3rd largest outlet mall in the world. Concord Mills will keep your kids entertained with a play area,  Lego Land and Disney store. All great reasons to rent a car!
Can you see me?
How about now?
Is this better? (out of breath)
Am I good now?
This place is huge! It contains a ballroom and tons of meeting space! You may just need a rest, like me, after walking the length of the hotel!
After a day chocked full of learning, you can have a peaceful respite outside overlooking the pond and taking in the fresh air.
(Oh hey, when did you get here?  Me too! Which airlines did you use?) Hey there! (You’ll have to excuse me, we’ll talk later.)  Hi, this is the room where we were having the meetings and workshops.  Remember last time it was so cold you could hear and see teeth chattering?  They even had to bring us blankets! Well, the temperature is perfect now and it’s more roomy so you won’t feel as crowded.  (Right? Awesome!)
Hey, isn’t it cool how convenient technology is!  If you forgot your laptop or couldn’t fit it in your luggage, you don’t have to worry!  They have computers that are available for anyone who needs them. I am going to go back to looking up the latest conference events.
There’s a large pond near the hotel with a beautiful walkway between them so you can enjoy the view.  There is also a playground that looks like a  ship that your kids will love.  There are so many exciting things to see around here; you just have to see it for yourself!
Well, it’s time to wrap up.  Now that you’ve seen many interesting sites around here, I hope you join us for the 2012 CIT Conference in October.  While you’re here come and visit the wishing well to throw a coin in and have your greatest dreams come true.
Transcripts developed by Austin Community College ASL & Interpreter Training Students:
Cassie Baker
Dallas Diaz
Andrew Eddy

Re-edited by Leslie C. Greer and Laurie Sullivan