2008 CIT Business Meeting Minutes

Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Convention Business Meeting
Condado Plaza Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico
October 25, 2008

I.  Call to Order
President, Carolyn Ball called the meeting to order at 1:50 PM EST.
II.  Roll Call- Kellie Stewart
Voting members registered for conference: 174
Voting members present:  59
Quorum needed: one-third (58 members)
Quorum met, meeting to proceed
III.  Standing Rules Review – Libby Pollard
President, Carolyn Ball introduced Parliamentarian, Libby Pollard, former NAD President.  Libby reviewed the standing rules.  Lucy James (JoAnn Shopbell) moved to accept the standing rules. Motion passed.
IV. Report from the Minutes Approval Committee
Stacey Storme, on behalf of the committee, moved to approve the minutes from the 2006 Business Meeting.  Motion passed.
V.  Committee Reports
a.  Director of Research and Publications – Annette Miner reported that the first CIT journal will be coming out in November, 2009. CIT is looking for a journal editor, members of an editorial board, and individuals to submit articles for publication.
b.  Director of Public Relations – Leslie Greer reported that CIT is working more closely with ASLTA.  An interpreting program faculty survey will be coming out soon.
c.  Director of Membership – Kellie Stewart reported that we have a total of 475 CIT members. There are 375 voting members, 25 international members and 22 organizational members.  Membership is now on the CIT website database.  Kellie thanked CIT for allowing her to serve for the past 12 years.   She is stepping down from the board.
d.  Director of Professional Development – Laura Braucht reported that the last two years have been focused on the convention.  The next two years, she will be working on the San Antonio convention and on workshops online.
e.  Director of Technology and Communications – Doug Bowen-Bailey announced that he is stepping down from the board. During his tenure, he put the CIT newsletter online, worked on having ASL videoclips on the website, put a new database online, put a Members Only section on the website and helped increase our international membership.  He suggested that for the next convention the Director of Communication and the Director of Technology be two separate positions, which would require a by-laws change.
VI.  Executive Officers  Report
a.  President’s Report- Carolyn Ball reported that she wanted to thank the CIT membership for their help with her dissertation on the history of CIT.  The 5 to 10 year strategic plan has been a focus of the last two years.
b.  Vice President’s Report – Brian Morrison reported that he has been responsible for working on the strategic plan, the policies and procedures manual and for bylaws revisions during the past two years.
c.  Secretary’s Report – Cindy Volk reported that she has been responsible for all
minutes over the past two years. These are all on the website.  She also appointed 3 individuals to review the minutes from the previous convention business meeting.
d.  Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Farnham reported that all the CIT financial records are now on Quickbook.  Money was invested in CD’s and CIT has approximately $97,000 in the checking account.
VII.  New Business- Motions from the floor
Cynthia Roy (Doug Bowen-Bailey) moved that CIT establish a dedicated scholarship fund to support interpreter educators from around the world to attend the CIT conference.  The CIT board will determine the mechanism and amount of funding as well as the process.  Motion passed unanimously. (C08:01)
Stacey Storme (Betty Colonomos) moved to reconsider the motion regarding international scholarship. Rationale:  She would like to give the board more guidance on this motion.    Motion failed.
Old Business – Question from membership about what happened with the CODA motion from the past convention.  CIT contacted the president of CODA International.  Their president was unable to attend the CIT convention, however,  we asked them to work with us on this and will continue this dialogue. The next CIT board will work with  CODA International and Betty Colonomos to establish a committee.
VIII. Elections
Laura Braucht conducted the election process.
President – nominations:  JoAnn Shopbell nominated Brian Morrison. Cynthia Roy nominated Lynne Wiesman.  Each candidate gave a brief statement about why they want to run for president.  An initial vote was taken, however, Annette Miner (Leslie Greer) moved that we needed to revote because the process was done in error.  Each ballot must have a valid voting membership card.  Motion passed. (C08:02) A new vote was taken by the membership and Brian Morrison received the majority of the votes. Brian Morrison is the new CIT President.
Vice-President :  Rob Balaam nominated Cindy Farnham. Leslie Greer (Anthony Aramburo) moved that Cindy become vice-president by acclamation.  Passed.
Secretary:  Sharon Neumann Solow nominated Cindy Volk for secretary.   Leslie Greer (Lynne Wiesman) moved that Cindy become secretary by acclamation.  Passed.
Treasurer:  Cynthia Roy nominated Lynne Wiesman for treasurer.  Annette Miner nominated Carolyn Ball.  Both candidates gave a brief statement about why she wanted to run for treasurer.  A vote was taken by the membership, and Carolyn Ball received the  majority of the votes. Carolyn Ball will be the new CIT treasurer.
IX.  Nomination for CIT Convention 2012 Site
2010 convention will be in San Antonio Texas.
Nominations for 2012 convention:  Toronto, Canada. Motion carried. (C08:03) Denise Smith stated that there was not strong support from the Toronto group for hosting it there.  Members of the Board will discuss this possibility with the group from Toronto.
X.  Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm EST.