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Colorful outline of downtown Minneapolis with the words 20/20 vision above the buildings. Overarching like a rainbow is the conference theme Pursuing Equity and Social Justice in Interpreter educationMark Your Calendars for CIT 2020

What are you doing August 12-15, 2020?  You may not have been thinking about that.
What are you doing right now?  Hopefully, putting the CIT conference in your calendar – and starting to make plans to attend.

The Conference Theme

We also hope that you will spread the word. The theme is “Pursuing Equity and Social Justice in Interpreter Education” and the conference committee is working to infuse that theme throughout the conference. We will be working to make it more accessible and centering perspectives that have not been traditionally present at CIT.

The Conference Hotel

The board and committee have identified the Graduate – Minneapolis as our hotel. Located near the University of Minnesota campus, it is easily accessible from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport as well as in a vibrant mix of restaurants.

The Conference Dates

The added benefit is that we are meeting in August instead of October because that date was preferred by the CIT membership in a survey.  So, get that marked down in your calendar:  August 12-15, 2020.  CIT Conference.  Minneapolis, MN.  Use your 20/20 vision and see that you get there.
For more information, check out our conference page for updates.