CIT Online Meeting


November 17, 2020 

Start time 7:02 pm Eastern

Roll Call, Present: 

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Stephen Fitzmaurice 
  3. Kim Kurz (excused absence)
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Francis Phiri 
  6. Nicole Morgan (absent)
  7. Carole Lazorisak
  8. Danielle Hunt 

President Bentley-Sassaman

  1. Emails about membership, we have 210 active, 116 expired. We did have 186 expired so more people are renewing.
  2. Discussion of upcoming webinar.  
  3. Discussion of communication to membership via email. 
  4. Discussion of the NAD Interpreter Standards Task Force. Different groups working on different topics.  President Bentley-Sassaman is working on community interpreting/ITP graduates, K-12 interpreters, and mental health.  
  5. Discussion of webmaster interviews.  

Vice President Kurz – submitted report

  1. Sent a thank you note to Mark A. for his excellent service as our parliamentarian for the business meeting this year. 
  2. Sheri Youens-Un to hold the four awards for the next CIT conference. 
  3. Jenny Gough, the new elected-Vice President will meet in December to ensure a smooth transition for the board.

Treasurer Fitzmaurice

  1. Some issues with renewal of memberships system sending pending notice.  
  2. Doing well with renewal and workshop registration.  Need to examine IJIE budget.  
  3. Budget report. 

Bank Accounts 

Paypal 30,663.54 

Wells Fargo Checking – 72,579.57 

Wells Fargo Savings – 7,236.99 

Total Bank Accounts 110,480.10

Secretary Minor

No report 


Professional Development Lazorisak

  1. Webinar updates – ASLTA members also invited to join.   Discussion of purpose of webinar and the benefit to members.  Possible package rate for all 2021 workshops.

Public Relations and Outreach Phiri

  1. Attended ASLTA meeting – recently attended meeting and he felt welcome.  He attended the November 2020 meeting. Liaisons to join meetings once a quarter to help establish ways for the 2 organizations to work together. 

Communications Morgan

No report 

Publications Hunt

  1. Discussion of meeting with Clemson University Press and MOU process. New MOU expected to reduce costs to CIT and workload for publishing the IJIE. It will also the articles more easily searchable on Google and will transfer all past issues to this new press. 

New Business

Guest, David Martin ASLTA updates – their conference moved to Aug and virtual for 2021. 


President will send an announcement for the director positions in January 2021, if you are interested, please apply.

Meeting adjournment moved by Rebecca Minor. Meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 8:00pm Eastern. 

 Next Meeting: December 29th, 11am EST, 8am PST