CIT Online Meeting


June 17, 2020

Start time 6:33 Eastern

Roll call:

  1. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Stephen Fitzmaurice
  3. Kim Kurz
  4. Rebecca Minor
  5. Francis Phiri
  6. Nicole Morgan 
  7. Carole Lazorisak
  8. Danielle Hunt

President’s Report

Discussion of the ASLTA and CIT MOU.  Discussion of ASLTA and CIT potential sharing of a webmaster – RFP to be developed if we choose to do this. 

CIT Business meeting – Sept 26th or maybe Sept. 12th,Vice President Kurz will check with parliamentarian on his availability. 

Discussion of restructuring of CIT as an organization – Diversity position to help develop diverse materials for ITPs.  Current board will work on networking with other diverse organizations.

Vice President’s Report

Awards update – deadline September 1st, will set up timeline based on when Business meeting will be

Treasurer’s Report

Discussion of extension on taxes

Paypal 73,802.11 

Wells Fargo Checking 84,270.86 

Wells Fargo Savings 7,306.45 

Total Bank Accounts 165,379.42 

Secretary’s Report

Approval of meeting minutes – Secretary Minor will email for motion to approve May minutes. 

Director of Professional Development Report

ASLTA conference and webinar updates: We have had several responses of presenters who are willing to present at ASLTA and/or present a webinar in place of the CIT face-to-face conference.  We hope to get a few more interested presenters before June 30th.  Treasurer Fitzmaurice will check with Webmaster to set up link for collecting pay for webinar and submit CEUs.  Discussion of upgrading the CIT Zoom account to be able to handle capacity for webinars. 

Director of Communications Report

 Discussion of featuring spotlights again on the CIT Facebook page.

Director of Public Relations and Outreach Report

Discussion of who we partner with and have reciprocal sponsorships with.

Director of Research and Publications Report

Discussion of creating an IJIE proceedings special research edition with articles from presenters from CIT 2020 conference. If we go in this direction we will need an editor for this edition.  The editor fee is already budgeted.    

Discussion of offering an opportunity to poster sessions presenters from the 2020 conference.  Maybe host them all on the website with short video explanation.  Or workshop with quick roundtable with each presenter.

Discussion of making sure the IJIE links to our BLM message on Facebook.

New business

Taskforce for Teacher Certification has started discussions and have invited BIPOC to join the discussion.

Cindi Brown and Nichole Wade, joined the Board meeting to talk about how they will help with running the conference in 2022. They will meet with the Director of Research and Publications later to talk about proceedings. Ms. Brown and Ms. Wade have been running conferences for 15 years.

Discussion of inviting a guest presenter to an upcoming Board meeting for a diverse perspectives meeting.  Director of Public Relations and Outreach will help us come up with a list of possible speakers to join us.

Board decided no summer break in meetings, board will continue to meet. 

Meeting adjournment moved by Secretary Minor – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 8:48pm Eastern.

Next meeting July 27th 6pm EST, 3pm PST

August 23rd 6pm EST, 3pm PST