CIT Online Meeting
11 April 2019

President Bentley-Sassaman called the meeting to order at 19:05 EDT.

  1. Roll Call
    1. Officers: Bentley-Sassaman, Kurz, Fitzmaurice, Lessard
    2. Directors: Minor, Phiri, Wheeler
    3. Excused: Lazorisak
    4. Visitors: None


  1. Minutes
  2. Minutes from 14 March 2019 will be voted on electronically


  1. Vice President – Kurz
  2. Certification for Interpreter Educators Committee
    • Recruiting chair and members for this committee
  3. Bylaws Committee
    • Conducting a user-friendly analysis of bylaws
    • Any bylaw revisions must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote
  4. Awards Committee
    • Will solicit a total of five members to serve a staggered two-year term.
    • Currently reviewing award criteria


  1. Secretary – Fitzmaurice
  2. Reviewed Outstanding Action Items
  3. Consolidation of all CIT documents in Google repository is ongoing


  1. Treasurer – Lessard
  2. Wells Fargo:
  1. PayPal:
    • $29,169.79
  2. Finance Committee is examining:
    • Feasibility of scholarship fund
    • Seed funds for student conference fund
    • Record retention policy


  1. Publications & Research – Wheeler
  2. IJIE template is under review
  3. Policy for late proceeding submissions is being drafted
  4. Developing a RFP for to solicit bids to translate CIT documents
  5. 2020 Conference Special Volume is ongoing
  6. Conference proceedings will have a call for editors


  1. Communications – Minor
  2. Will send CIT conference logo to VIEWS
  3. Will distribute public relations video to various entities


  1. Public Relations & Outreach – Phiri
    1. Completed video for partnership organizations with President


  1. Professional Development – Lazorisak
  2. Conference Logo is complete with the artist, Brenna DeBartolo to be featured on CIT website
  3. Conference co-chairs are actively meeting and establishing different Conference Committees
  4. Webinars dates include: June, September and November, 2019, and January, March and May 2020. Recruitment letters and contracts have been drafted.


  1. New Business

B2019:13: “CIT sponsor a WASLI session for £300 (approximately $400 USD)”
Rationale: CIT should support world sign language interpreters and interpreter education.
Financial impact:  Approximately $ 400 USD plus printing and shipping of promotional postcards (Kurz to investigate cost)

  1. Adjournment
  2. President Bentley-Sassaman called the meeting adjourned at 20:08 EDT.


  1. Next meeting: 01 June 2019 Face-to-Face

Minutes Addendum:
B2019:14:“ Adopt the 14 March 2019 minutes as written”
B2019:15 “CIT order 1,000 postcards to be distributed at conferences the CIT Board deems appropriate.”
Rationale: A cost effective way to promote both CIT and the conference.
Fiscal Impact- $200.00