CIT Online Meeting
03 February 2019
President Bentley-Sassaman called the meeting to order at 12:04 EST.

  1. Roll Call:
    • Officers:Bentley-Sassaman, Kurz, Fitzmaurice, Lessard
    • Directors:Minor, Lazorisak, Phiri, Wheeler
    • Ex-Officio: Past President Greer
    • Visitors:None


  1. Minutes Approval
    • Minutes: 29 November 2018 – Tabled for online vote


  1. Treasurer – Lessard
  2. Bank Updates
  1. Organizational Sponsorship
    • Critical need to develop a form to request outside organizational sponsorship which includes what level of sponsorship is being requested and what that level incorporates (e.g. Booth or stage time).From there we can determine representation from CIT to outside organizations.
  2. Items for the Finance Committee
    • Need to select three members for the Finance Committee

B2019:01 – “CIT sponsor Street Leverage at $2,000 and ASLTA for $ 1,000”
Fiscal impact of $ 3,000 is minimal to support sister organizations attended by many language and interpreting educators is important. CIT needs to determine what sponsorship at those levels provides for the organization (State time/booth etc).

  1. President – Bentley-Sassaman
  2. Upcoming Conferences – Sponsorships and Representation


  1. Face to Face Retreat
    • Strategic Plan- tabled for retreat
    • Need to determine whether a meeting in MN or MD is more cost effective
  2. Webinars


  1. Committees
    1. Research and Publications Committee
      • Kierstin Muroski
    2. Communications
      • LaTanya Jones
  1. Finance
    • To appoint: Amy Williamson, Richard Laurion, Bridget Sabatke
  2. Interpreter Educator Certification
    • To appoint: Kim Kurz, Eileen Forstal, Stephanie Jo Kent, Eric Driskill


  1. CCIE
    • Will set up meeting with CCIE


  1. Vice President – Kurz
  2. Bylaws Committee
    • To appoint: Richard Laurion, David Quintos-Pozos, and Cindy Volk


  1. Secretary – Fitzmaurice
  2. No report at this time


  1. Treasurer – Lessard
  2. Organizational Sponsorship
    • Finance Committee will develop a form for Board members who wish to attend a conferenceon behalf of CITand will need/request financial assistance from CIT to do so.
    • In return, CIT will ask the organization for either an opportunity to have/purchase a booth in the exhibit area or have some visual presence such as on-stage time or recognition during plenaries or other general assemblies.
  3. Whistleblower Policy
    • Accountant alerted us that CIT has no whistleblower policy included in the PPM


  1. Communication – Minor
  2. Facebook and Twitter postings were very active during the conference. For the off conference year can focus on webinars
  3. New banner image
    • Working with a graphic design student to help with immediately needed RID advertisement
    • As a learning opportunity CIT can create a contest of sorts to have students from colleges and Deaf schools submit logos etc. for the conference
    • Will use the banner image for RID and for Facebook until the final logo is adopted


  1. Professional Development – Lazorisak
  2. Conference Chair
  1. No report at this time




Minutes Addendum:  04 February 2019
B2019:02 –“Accept the amended minutes from 29 November 2018.
Minutes Addendum:  06 February 2019
B2019:03 –“Eileen Forestal be contacted for her interest to chair 2020 MN conference.”
Minutes Addendum:  06 February 2019
B2019:04 –“CIT put out a call to create an ad-hoc group made up of CIT members who have had experience with research or who have published with CIT before, as well as previous proceeding editors to help develop this Canvas site for proceedings authors/presenters/co-presenters.” 
Rationale:To provide resources, information, and support with preparation regarding research, writing, and presenting for all proceeding authors and presenters who will be contributing at the 2020 CIT Conference and at future CIT conferences.
Committee Expectations:  Members who serve on the R&P Committee will be expected to assist with ongoing projects to support the CIT Research & Publications goals as well as to assist with developing resources for Proceedings authors and co-authors for the next CIT conference. Committee Members will be updated on dates of board meetings and action items from these meetings. They will also be asked to provide their own ideas and expertise to develop new programs or projects CIT may be able to take on.  Preferred research experience although not required to be in this position. Expected time commitment will vary depending on projects but can range from 3-5 hours per month. We will meet via video chat once a month to discuss and provide status updates on tasks or projects, exchange information, and discuss ideas and progress.
Fiscal ImpactCIT has already purchased Zoom as a meeting platform and Canvas is free so there will be no additional costs to CIT. 
Minutes Addendum:  12 February 2019
B2019:05CIT sponsor Street Leverage Live for $2500.
Rationale:   When checking in with Brandon about CIT sponsoring Street Leverage again this year, it became clear that it would be advantageous and actually financially beneficial if we pledged the $2500 that we usually do.  If we kept it at $2,000.00 then we would have to pay for registration and a booth and probably would not get any “air time” at the conference.
Financial impact: $2500 plus travel expenses (perhaps room accommodations as well — depending on who goes) BUT we would save the cost of registration and a booth/table.   We would also get some time to promote CIT while there.