CIT Executive Board Meeting
02 January 2019
12:00 EST
Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, President
Stephen Fitzmaurice – Secretary
Patty Lessard – Treasurer

  1. Appointment of Directors – each position and applicant was vetted and thoroughly discussed:
    1. Director of Professional Development
      • One applicant
      • Carol Lazorisak was appointed
    2. Director of Communications
      • Two applicants
      • Becca Minor was appointed
    3. Director of Research & Publications
      • Two applicants
      • Sarah Wheeler was appointed
    4. Director of Public Relations
      • Two applicants
      • Francis Phiri was appointed
    5. Conference 2020:
      1. Co-chair for conferences were selected
    6. Newsletter:
      1. Officer and Director reports should continue to be presented in video format for the newsletter
      2. Committee nomininations will be sought from the membership soon
      3. President Bentley-Sassaman will email Doug Bowen-Bailey to ensure that call for committee members is sent to the membership
    7. Treasury
      1. Few outstanding bills left to be paid from conference
      2. Bulk of the budget goes to supporting sister organizations and conferences
      3. Treasurer Lessard will contact Richard Laurion to determine if he wants to serve on the newly formed Financial Planning AdHoc Committee
    8. Policy
      1. Need to include a Whistle Blower policy in the PPM
      2. PPM as a whole needs to be revisited to determine whether policies are current
    9. Strategic Plan
      1. Needs to be revisited, updated, and enacted
      2. President Bentley-Sassaman will email the old plan for the Board to peruse

Meeting Adjourned:  by 13:30 EST