Terms and Conditions of Service

Before submitting your application online, please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions that are applicable for all projects relating to the CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM (CITSL). By check marking the box next to the words 'I have read and agree to the CITSL legal terms and conditions,' you are giving your consent and willingly agreeing to terms and conditions that are outlined below.


All volunteers are exclusively accountable for paying for and making their own travel arrangements. These arrangements include paying for your airfare or any other personal expenses that you have incurred at the host country. Furthermore, it is deemed the responsibility of the volunteer to carry all their necessary documents with them when travelling abroad. While the CITSL may provide advice to the volunteer on required travel documentation, CITSL cannot be held responsible for providing any supporting documents which are necessary for the travel needs of the volunteer's travel needs and other purposes.


CITSL does not provide its volunteers with insurance of any kind. Nonetheless, if requested by the volunteer, CITSL can make arrangements for travel and medical insurance at an additional cost for the volunteer. Volunteers are highly recommended to purchase travel and medical insurance although it is not considered to be obligatory. The volunteer is responsible for deciding upon the type and level of insurance coverage he/she deems suitable for their chosen travel period.

Refund Policy:

CITSL does not provide a total refund policy. Nonetheless, you will see that our fees are extremely competitive and marginally lower than the fees charged by organizations that provide similar benefits or less services and benefits. Volunteers can and are encouraged to compare CITSL’s fees to other charges of similar organizations. CITSL is a not-for-profit organization and all costs paid by the volunteers goes towards the cost of their insurance for medication (optional), accommodation, travel, meals, language training (in-country) and orientation.

Referral Rewards:

Volunteers who have referred a family member or a friend to volunteer with CITSL can avail a referral reward of US$50. Furthermore, if you’re re-volunteering with CITSL then you can avail a discount of US$100.00 on the fees of your chosen package.

Personal Risks:

When travelling to a developing country, all volunteers accept and acknowledge all the responsibilities and risks that such a venture entails. It is a known fact that travelling to, living temporarily and providing volunteer services in a developing country can often be deemed hazardous.

These hazards can often involve a certain degree of risk, activities which are inherently dangerous and bring about personal peril for the volunteer in foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. It is understood that the volunteer fully accepts all the consequences that must be faced under these circumstances.

CITSL and any and all of its employees, directors, managers, stakeholders, host countries, host families and partner organizations are not liable, for any harm or loss that a volunteer or an associate may suffer, including but not limited to any losses which are caused directly or indirectly by:
  • Personal injury,
  • Emotional injury,
  • Illness or disease which led to death,
  • Damage to or loss of property,
  • Hostage situations and
  • War or terrorism.


In situations where it is deemed necessary, the volunteer agrees to indemnify CITSL against any and all liabilities which CITSL may incur that arise through direct or indirect connection with the volunteer's travelling, living in and providing services in the country nominated by the volunteer.


The volunteer agrees to act in accordance with the suggested code of conduct of the partner organization.
CITSL reserves the right to use all images and feedback given by volunteers for website content such as testimonials.
CITSL works solely as a provider connecting volunteers with respective partner organizations.
CITSL cannot be held liable for any omissions or actions in any of the partner organizations.
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The Canadian Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Livelihoods (CITSL) responds to the devastating conditions of the world's poorest and most marginalized people in developing countries in an effort to build and sustain livelihoods, while creating the healthy environment necessary to their survival. We accomplish this task through various sectors- from agriculture to entrepreneurship to healthcare. Currently operating in regions throughout Africa, as well as locally in the province of Alberta, we are looking for assistance in supporting this endeavor for the betterment of society at large.
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08 October, 2013
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GAMBIA, KENYA and TANZANIA. However, we are in the process of expanding our services to cover other regions of Asia, South America and Africa.
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