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Brian Touray, MSc. Tourism Management and MSc. Agriculture and Development - Trainer and Program Development Advisor

As a College lecturer with over 30 years of experience in international development, tourism management and marketing, Brian is responsible for developing programs and training materials for CITSL projects. With two Master of Science degrees in Tourism Management and Agriculture & Development from Griffith University, Australia and University of Reading, UK, Brian is also responsible for working in close contact with partner networks on projects and monitor, report and evaluates all challenges faced and progress made in projects which focus largely on alleviation of poverty. He also developed new policies and steered CITSL in a new direction while collaborating closely with related stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries. His vast array of experience in different backgrounds makes him an asset to any organization. He is responsible for successfully, planning and developing projects that incorporate a various array of holistic approaches to enhance sustainable livelihoods. With his extensive firsthand experience in improving access to markets for the poor and marginalized, Brian was able to conduct various marketing and sales based presentations for the benefit of youth, women entrepreneurs, disable entrepreneurs and small holder farmers. Keeping a watchful eye on the progress and success of the projects, Brian revamps and updates program training materials on a periodical basis, always making sure to incorporate aspects that encourage and sustain livelihoods. Brian has worked in East Africa with the Canadian Universities Service Overseas (CUSO International) (SUCO), an International Development Organization, and partnered with several network of partners.

Ebrima Chongan, LLM - Legal and Policy Advisor

A dynamic individual, Ebrima holds an LLB and an LLM international Law from London Metropolitan University and BL Middle Temple. Prior to joining Her Majesty’s Government. Ebrima was a former Deputy Inspector General of Police of the Gambia Police Force. He was crucial in reorganizing the Gambia Police Force with a five year strategic developing program. He currently has over 12 years of experience in international negotiations involving structural development. His pristine track record allowed him to rise and lead negations in the European Union, Council of Europe and other international fora. He is also actively involved in international criminal justice issues including judicial cooperation.

Tsegay Tesfamariam - Grant and Business Development manager

An entrepreneur of exceptional skills, Tsegay has over 20 years of experience in operating and managing corporate enterprises. The success of his travel management and financial services business gives testament to this fact alone. Holding a diploma in Travel Management, Tsegay also specializes in helping various communities engage in activities that induce income generation, expanding and developing various community SMEs, negotiating and managing contracts and profiling destinations.

Eduardo Jaucian, MSc - Agro Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager

Whether it is preparing SSO reports, conducting environmental scanning, conducting, researching and processing valuable project information, organizing and facilitating inter-agency and inter-community workshops, consulting with farmer beneficiaries or inspecting and validating major projects, Eduardo Jaucian is an outstanding asset to our company. Holding a Master's Degree in Science, and with over 21 years of experience, Eduardo Jaucian has worked with the Department of Agrarian reform in the Republic of the Philippines as the Agrarian Reform Program Officer, specializing in Agro Mechanization Curricular Integration. He also worked in the Agrarian Reform Support Office (SSO), working with the Beneficiaries' Development and Coordination Division. Eduardo Jaucian has also worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in the United Republic of Tanzania, as an Agro Engineering and Mechanization Advisor, specializing in community development and socioeconomic service delivery. During his time in the United Republic of Tanzania, Eduardo Jaucian oversaw a project that was designed to assist people with disabilities in the agricultural sector in rural Zanzibar, and mainstream a multitude of processes that would make the lives of people significantly easier. Using his vast experience and a library of knowledge, Eduardo Jaucian brings the best out of himself and those around him, proving that no project is too much for him or his team.

Muhammad Touray, MSc - Trainer and Program Manager

With several years of experience as a program manager specializing in international development work, Muhammad Touray holds a prominent position in our staff. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in International Development Studies from the Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada Mohammad has a true passion for his field of work. He also holds a Master's Degree in Public Sector Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in Ghana. Opting for a career option that allowed him to utilize both skill sets, Mohammad worked in Gambia with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education where he developed his skills by working in various administrative positions. Mohammad also spent some time working with the US Peace Corps as an Education Program Assistant. He also has several years of experience working in international development where he worked as a program manager. Mohammad dedicates his free time working with a team of volunteers providing development work for people in need.

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The Canadian Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Livelihoods (CITSL) responds to the devastating conditions of the world's poorest and most marginalized people in developing countries in an effort to build and sustain livelihoods, while creating the healthy environment necessary to their survival. We accomplish this task through various sectors- from agriculture to entrepreneurship to healthcare. Currently operating in regions throughout Africa, as well as locally in the province of Alberta, we are looking for assistance in supporting this endeavor for the betterment of society at large.
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08 October, 2013
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GAMBIA, KENYA and TANZANIA. However, we are in the process of expanding our services to cover other regions of Asia, South America and Africa.
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