Charcoal cool storages and farmer field schools like this allows farmers to preserve their harvest before transporting it to main cold storages miles away from the their farms.
This child would rather be in school but he can’t go. He needs a school uniform, books and shoes.
There are no chairs and or tables in this classroom.
A child taking care of another child
Laize Salum, chairperson at ZACETODI addressing group of men and women about the vitality of Gender Equality and the impact of abuse against women
Only if they could have had one or two additional sewing machines, they could pay the rent for the next 6 months in advance and still be able to feed their families
Income generating activity programs enabled Khadija to open and run her SMEs
Your support enables Laize Salum, chairperson at ZACETODI to be able to create awareness campaigns like this possible. The paticipants are educated about; violence against women, defilement, gender equality,and empowerment
This is their playground, except that the only thing to play on is an old tire and fallen tree trunks
This community group is still poised to complete the building they started constructing 7 years ago. If completed, it will be a community shop, training center and a nursery school.
They could use a better training center for their weekly bookkeeping training
This group requires a facility to operate their food processing business
Your support can make it possible construct a borehole, water tower and tank like this.
Your support help keep computer training centers like this running
Solar powered cookers like this is phenomenon, it reduces the cutting down of trees for firewood and charcoal. More are need
A SMEs bakery business like this helps sustain the livelihood of a family of 5
These women can make a sustainable living weaving baskets, hats, mats, handbags and etc. They however require tools, equipment, materials and a little more capital
The family of 9 that lived in this house (used to be a house) is now living with family members. The house was hit by heavy rain and it fell apart. Your support can help rebuild These
These kids are late for school because they have to walk miles to fetch drinking water every morning for school and home. They are exhausted by the time they get to school, and their concentration is affected
Under this tree is their classroom
The ground is the black or white board
This classroom is empty, because the roof is leaking and there are no chairs and or tables
This is a residence
This orphan is a victim of HIV/AIDS
A little support can provide her with a better mattress and sunscreen to protect her skin
Environmental health clean-up campaigns can reduce health hazard scenes like this
Young men like this desperately need to be engaged in skills training and income generating activities
This is a playground scene of an orphanage
Without repair, this house of 15 families won’t survive the next rainy season
This Masai kids never seen a classroom
The kids are malnourished and hungry
They haven’t had any water to drink for a day or two
This is a residence
Affected by hunger disease and poverty
Nematologist, Dr. Danny Coyen of IITA talking to group of Agronomist and farmers
A team of USAID experts just coming from a project visit
These stakeholders share the same interest in poverty reduction
A project visit by some members of the British Parliament that have special interest in Agriculture
Few hours after some members of the British MPs arrive in Zanzibar to visit secure livelihoods projects
A farming community group just received farm inputs tools
A project visit by CORDAID grant manager (right)
These fish and mud-crab farm project needs water pumps, feeds for fish and crab
These women tailors
Pat, a Canadian living in Zanzibar runs Jambiani Tourism Training Institute, non-profit organization that provides hospitality, accounting, and language and entrepreneurship courses to young adults out of the work force and looking to engage in their own income generating activities or join the work force after graduation. JTTI needs volunteers, and support to maintain the running cost of the institution.
Funding for these women harnesses their community village banking savings and will allow them to expand their SMEs businesses
Your support makes gender workshops like this possible
The young man in striped T-Shirt can use a wheelchair to get around
Community capacity building workshops like this makes a big impact within the community
A fish farm/mud-crab project visit with members of the British High Commission in Dar es Salaam
When sponsored, fish farm/mud-crab projects are income generators and can be very sustainable
Your support helps fund stakeholder’s workshops like this
These women are trained by Julie, a British that runs FAHARI, an NGO in Zanzibar. The women hand make high end bags, jewelry and other fascinating products. FAHARI lacks equipment, tools, materials and also need volunteers
Prince Charles shows a deep interest in Mariculture projects
Successful project partnership visit with the Chief of Party, USAID, Tanzania
Lack of reliable transportation from the harvest site and cold storage facilities is the result of this post-harvest loss
This well is used to irrigate family farm and also for drinking, and needs to be repaired for safe usage
There used to be more chicken in this poultry farm until they started dying from preventable or curable diseases
This farmer is among the lucky ones. All he need is a gasoline operated generator and water pump to irrigate his farm
This farmer is not so lucky. He travels distance to fetch water in order to irrigate his field with a bucket
Your support can make it possible construct a borehole, water tower and tank like this.
This pond is used by both humans and animals for drinking and irrigating the farms
You can make it a safe drinking water
Construction of reservoirs like this can irrigate a family farm
This type of reservoir may not be sustainable, considering that the water is sucked right under
The one and only gasoline operated generator of these community cooperative group just broke down and they are wondering how they are going to irrigate their farms. They take turns to use it.
Trying to figure out how to fix the broken generator
This child rather is in School but he can’t. He needs school uniform and books
Your support helps provide modern farming techniques trainings like this to farmers
Agronomy training being delivered to a farming community
Due to the lack of farm inputs, tools and capital, this farmer resorts to cutting down trees for charcoal
This farmer travels more than 3 miles just to irrigate his field. He can only carry on his bicycle 3 containers at a time. The well you see is deep and dry. It requires digging to access the water
Drip irrigation schemes like this is very effective when funded
It is supposed to be for drinking and irrigation, too bad that is almost dried out
Farmer field school visits like this helped improved the mindset and farming techniques of many from the group
Mosquito nets are being distributed to pregnant women and women with young children
Lessons being learned from the Chief of Party of USAID, Tanzania
With your support, successful farms like this can be abundant in the less unlikely terrains
Project partnership visit
The owner of this land believes he is better off selling the sand of his farm. He has no access credit and or farm inputs and outputs
This community group of women just needs machines, equipment and tools, for their food processing business to be successful
This food processing community group requires more training
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